Pre-purchase holiday money

What if before you went on holiday/on your travels, you could pre-purchace the relevant currency at the exchange rate of the day using your account balance? This could be a very useful feature at the moment, considering the volatility of the euro in particular.

This should leave you able to better plan your expenses while abroad and potentially (at least for me) help prevent overspending.

I’ve seen suggestions from others with similar functionality, suggestions multiple “currency accounts” but I see this as being a little simpler (at least functionally).

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this has been discussed before and probably not going to happen soon :slight_smile:

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Ah, I must have missed that one, thanks!

To answer your question, yes I think I would be equally content. For me in particular, travelling as part of my job, I am given expenses in GBP upfront and expected to manage on a daily budget. It can be slightly more difficult when the exchange rate changes daily or may be different by the time the transaction settles.

Similar with holiday, I budget an amount in GBP and that should last me the entirety of the trip but again, this can prove difficult with the exchange rate changing as it naturally does.

I’m not suggesting that this sort of situation costs me a fortune, but in the interest of managing money effective, I think it would add value to my particular use case.

I agree in your case it would possibly be useful for budgeting to an exact amount - however as you say unless you’re spending more than £100 a day in expenses it could mean a difference of minor proportions as not to be worth the hassle on a daily exchange rate fluctuation to know to the centime what you’re spending

On the other hand if you can for see the future and hedge your money at the best rate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: