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Yes, that has also been covered in the exhaustive discussion of pots. A Direct Debit pot if you like - put the commuted expenses in there and have your unallocated money left in the main account.

Of course, it’s a discussion point only at the moment. I have no idea if that’s what Monzo are thinking of for the future.

(Adam Kendrew) #414

This thread could be interesting to you then. When @hugo showed us a sneak peek of the new breakdown interface in May, it had a ‘committed’ section which I assume would work out your bills based on past direct debits and then remove it from your ‘available balance’. Although we’ll have to wait and see :eyes:

(Rumee Ahmed) #415

Love the feature, for me personally it works. I don’t need rules or anything. Just a few pots to hold my savings. The one thing that properly annoys me is the massive spike in the pulse, I don’t think this should be taken into account. Time to whittle my current account down to 2 from 3!


And that’s fine. You don’t have to use any rules if they’re there. I think that rules-based pots functionality will be quite powerful for those that want it.


No android love? :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s slightly different than Starling Goals (Pots), they allow any balances in your Pots to act as a total balance, so you don’t go into overdraft until the total balance including Pots is used.

I don’t mind either way, I’m not sure which is best? I can see the merits to Botha I guess it just depends on how disciplined you are with your money.

(Alex Sherwood) #419

Are you sure? I didn’t think they let you spend money from your Goals either.


So it won’t take direct debits from the Pots, but you don’t get charged debit interest until your overall balance is zero.

(Alex Sherwood) #421

I’m sorry I’m just not seeing how this is different than the way Pots work?

Technically Pots are separate accounts but for all intents & purposes, they behave the same way as they would if they were in one bank account. The only difference is you can’t spend money from Pots.

I don’t think we know whether Monzo will start charging you interest on your negative balance if you’ve gone into your overdraft but still have money in your Pots?


You are both right. They do allow any balances in your Pots to act as a total balance so you don’t go into overdraft until the total balance including Pots is used; but they don’t let you spend money from your Goals until you delete the goal, whereby the money reverts to the main account and instantly becomes dependable again.

(afonso) #423

What I like about starling is that it allows you to set up regular deposits to each pot. So useful.


I’m sure in time Monzo will implement this.

As stated previously they like to roll out a minimum viable product and glitter it up as time goes on.

(James Murray-Ferris) #425

Can I point out a small bug on the accounts screen

It doesn’t move from 3rd counter on the bottom not sure why?


I don’t know what type of bug it was but he made some nasty black smudges :bug_poop:

EDIT: I ought to explain this is a joke

(Tom ) #427

Shame you had to spoil the joke by clarifying… :joy:

(James Murray-Ferris) #428

I’m disappointed the :bug_poop: isn’t an emoji tbh :joy: but it’s the fact there are 4 dots on the bottom that don’t seem to keep up with what “account” you are on

(Bob) #429

First dot is your main account, second and third are pots you’ve already created, forth is the pot you are creating :wink:

(James Murray-Ferris) #430

I know…but then why is the last dot not highlighted since I’m on create?

(Bob) #431

Ah sorry… missed that. Must remember to use my reading glasses more :nerd_face:

(Tim) #433

So Monzo’s initial offering slightly different from Starlings. You can take money manually from a Starling Goal and put it back into your main balance as required. You can set up a regular payment.

I think Starling have also said they will enable direct debits fron Goals in the future too and share goals with other people.

Be interesting to see how pots and starling goals develop over coming months.