Wait until it’s hours away, then minutes, then seconds!

I am so excited for Pots!

(Kevyn) #374

I moved back to how I did it before the Current Account (legacy bank doing all the leg work and spending money transferred across). I hope this solve the budgeting issues too.

(Peter Roberts) #375

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. </microsoft>

(Huzaifah) #376

Really can’t wait. Days away is too long! :nerd_face:

(Tom ) #377

One step closer!

(Adam Kendrew) #378

Plus merchant feedback is back and the new look interface for transactions is now on iOS :raised_hands:t3:

(Toby Toller) #379

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks, looks great!

(Dan Mulholland) #380

Looks like I’ll get my Current Account just in time for the very feature that pulled me in!

(Adam Heath) #381

Can we take a moment to appriciate the person/people who put together the release notes for :mondo: :smile::tada::clap: every update the notes are always great and certainly stand out from the others in my update queue.


It would seem they have drafted in a famous Wizard for it…

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #383

POTS ARE HERE GUYS!!! :sunglasses:

(Hugh) #384

No Android update yet :frowning:


Hopefully, very soon Hugh.

(Huzaifah) #386

Yay. Pots are here for me too. (TestFlight app)!!

(Huzaifah) #387

So my initial thoughts on pots would be:

  1. Recurring payments into pots (with an authorisation every month, so maybe a notification saying ‘sure you’re want to add money into this pot, on the allocated day of the month)

I’ve created a pot for car insurance and I want to add into it every month, as I prefer to pay my insurance annually. Remembering to add into the pot every month will be hard.

  1. Custom pot images!!

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #388

I want round ups in to pots that’s all

(afonso) #389

I must say, without rules based approach to pots this isn’t particularly useful. Glad we got them but zero use to me. At very least should be able to send to pots at regular intervals, ideally based on amount - just like piggypot. Looks like I can’t stop using piggypot as expected.

(Bob) #390

Yeah, I also want DDs and reoccurring payments to be paid directly from pots. I can only hope these features will be coming soon.


Monzo could look at how bunq set up pots with their own IBAN and how you can share these with other users and how one of them can even be linked to the main debit card with a secondary PIN…two PIN in one card for two accounts

(Terry) #392

Pots are live on the nest flight :slight_smile: appears to be working great only thing I can see being a problem is if I have too many pots it will take a while to scroll through them all. Mate have a pinch to zoom out and they can shrink and display lots of little cards? Similar to how multi tasking works on iOS 11 on the iPad?