Podcasts to Recommend To Your Fellow Monzo Members

(Louis Otto) #22

Oh man, by and away my favourite is Stuff you should know

Great every day listen, good chemistry between the presenters and such a varied topic list.

If you want an excellent entry, listen to https://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/whats-the-deal-with-blood-types.htm


Many so far suggested are already in my subscribe list but a couple I haven’t seen posted yet that I enjoy are


We Hate Movies - A comedy group make fun of bad (and sometimes good) films. Full of actor/politician/youtube hack impressions, speculation about how the film might have gone with different actors, and insane ideas for sequels/spinoffs.


Thetwomikes on talksport are really good, hilarious.

(Phil) #26

My Priority playlist — I don’t miss an episode of these podcasts!

99% Invisible
Couples Therapy
Do By Friday
Hello Internet
Fintech Insider
Freakonomics Radio
FT Money Show
Mad Notions
Media Podcast with Olly Mann
Money Box
Monocle 24
Note to Self
Pessimists Archive
Planet Money
Reconcilable Differences
Reply All
Revisionist History
The Blindboy Podcast
This American Life

(Campbell Prosser) #27

I started listening to Serial lately, which is a true crime podcast, really interesting!

(brandon skerritt) #28

99% invisible here! I LOVE it so much. It’s by far my favourite podcast!

(Richard Cook) #29

Gave this a go for the first time last night and listened to a 30 minute episode of the history of ramblers in the UK. It was oddly compelling…

(brandon skerritt) #30

Have you seen Roman Mars’ TED talk? I LOVE it!

(Stephen Ward) #31

Current favourites include

Answer Me This
Joe Rogan Podcast
BBC Friday Night Comedy
Reply All
Desert Island Discs
The Flop House

(Stuart) #32

Anyone who hasn’t listed to My Dad Wrote a Porno yet needs to give it a listen. It will leave you in stitches!


I like to hear what’s going in football so listen to Danny Kelly’s Trans Europe Express and on the continent.

The accidental tech podcast sounds interesting so will give it a go.

(Ben) #34

Some faves of mine:

  • Freakonomics - they have a lot of really interesting episodes, and can be super varied too.
  • 99% Invisible -
    • Some fave episodes; Vexillology (about flags), Super-tall 101 (about Taipei’s skyscraper), one about a building that needed some secret work to make it safe (but the name I’ve forgot), and one about the first popular tv laugh tracks and how they were made.
  • Stuff you should know - breaks down a lot of complex things and explains how they work. Very well writted.
  • Science Vs - scientists take on popularised ‘things’ and explain why sciences proves them wrong.
  • Reply All - neat stories about the internet and things that happen on it. They did a great one a little while back about a scammy call centre in india, which they went to visit.
  • The Allusionist - history of words and language.
  • No Such Thing as a Fish - weekly facts and chat from the QI researchers.
  • Season 1 of Serial.

And I think they’re the main ones!

(Jonathan) #35

This is something I started to get into is the Tested blog, it’s a sort of tech discussion and tech review podcast, you can check it out at https://www.tested.com/podcast/

(Andy) #36

Have you been to see my dad wrote a porno live? Hilarious! :rofl:

Loved it. Was so disappointed with season 2.

I’ve just discovered a new podcast which I’ve somehow managed to miss all these years - no idea how - The joe rogan experience podcast is brilliant. I’ve become hooked and highly recommend checking it out. http://podcasts.joerogan.net

(President of the Breville Toaster Appreciation Society) #37

Anyone else checked out https://www.wolverinepodcast.com/ ?

Just listened to the first episode. Enjoying it.