PlayStation 5

I’m not being sarcastic, I genuinely want to know: Are you sure it’s “pretty simple” to get a very intricate patterned finish like that on mass-produced injection-moulded plastic parts?

I personally wouldn’t describe the pattern as intricate, it seems rather basic to me, just with more shapes. I’ve seen a similar effect done with injection moulded plastic in the past, usually used as a way of verifying authenticity, I’m just trying to remember exactly where I’ve seen it so I can share an example or two. But yes, I’m very sure it’s easy enough for Sony to do, it’s just not as cheap as the more basic patterns you get on the Xbox and switch pro controllers.

I probably wouldn’t describe it as a ‘simple’ process but these controllers are going to be premium products. It’s completely realistic to think Sony would put this kind of extra effort in.

They look like a dirt trap. After 6 months you’d be getting a toothbrush to try and get the detritus out of the pattern

i’m going to end up going down a rabbit hole of learning about ABS plastic texturisation now to see how feasible it is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At this sort of scale/cost, I’m sure they can do whatever they want!

Reminds me of the original PS3 where the (tiny!) PlayStation logo could be rotated 90° so it was orientated correctly if the console was horizontal or vertical.

How much extra money went into designing and implementing that little feature? A lot of people probably didn’t even notice. When you deliver a premium product you have to add little finishes like this though.

They had that way back on the PS2! It was a neat little touch.

Anyone planning on having the PS5 sit horizontally rather than vertically? Or is it just me?


I always prefer my consoles horizontal :slight_smile:

Horizontal for me as it’ll slot in where my PS4 is - I don’t have the space for it to sit vertically

What kind of madness is this?


Another horizontal user here :raised_hand:

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I have the PS4 and XBOX1 horizontally but I’m feeling like I’ll go vertical with this gen. Time to build a new TV stand.

If I go with the disc version, it will be horizontal.

I generally go horizontal but not sure if it is too long for my current space. So may have to put it vertical next to my TV… crazy times! If I can, it is horizontal all the way since day.

I’ll add to the list of horizontal console users here.

Vertical immediately makes me feel that my clumsiness will involve me purchasing another one…

Horizontal user - have my PS4 horizontal - will not fit vertically

I hope this black edition becomes a thing before launch :heart_eyes:

Here’s a sneak peek as to what the game cases will look like…

Lots of people showing how much better it would look if the case was black, clear, or white instead of blue. Think I agree.