PlayStation 5

That’s a really old documentary isn’t it? It’s just made from the juices and fat from the fryers isn’t it? Like gravy should be.

Not that I care, it’s so good I’d drink it :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

No was new as in filmed last couple months. And yeah kind of they called it crackling 🤦 just all the chicken bits from bottom of the fryer along with whatever gravy powder they use.

Ahhh ok I’ll see if I can find it on catchup. I’ll be doing the same tomorrow with all the juices and bits in the bottom of the roasting tray from the Turkey - it’s the best way to make gravy :nerd_face:

I bought the physical PS5 and at the moment I’m using it as a watching device or I’m playing my old PS4 games on it.

That’s an expensive redesigned PS4 you have there :sweat_smile: :wink:

Have you any plans to get some PS5 games so that you can get the most out of it, if so what games are you thinking of getting first?

Any intel on when new stock is coming in? :eyes:

I stare at StockInformer on the regular :broken_heart:


:broken_heart: is definitely the right emoji.

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I did ask Sony on Twitter if there were any plans to make any more consoles as I’d quite like one, but they didn’t reply.


It is crazy that since mid Dec or so there has just been no stock from what I have seen! I keep a vague out for a digital one for a friend. I spent a lot of time on the EE forum thread waiting for mine (it was a wild ride…!) but they touted a page for being open about their order process. Although that has not moved for a very long time now! Their wave 2 digital stock never turned up and their wave 3 consoles for both haven’t yet either!

I’m hoping to buy a PS5 in February for my birthday. I really hope the stock situation is resolved by then!


What a pointless article.

Basically just a long winded version of what we already know, dragged out further by the quoting similar vague comments from every large retailer.

To save everyone a click, more stock is expected at some point in January but they don’t say how much or that this is guaranteed.

I read it after posting but did sort of feel the same. Sorry for sharing clickbait…!

Argos will have stock in on the 02/02

But you didn’t hear that from me…


hypothetically, if you knew, would that include the new xbox range?

Hm, bit more sporadic, there should be some more this month but not many, your best odds will be February and March.

You’ll find most of the bigger stores will be spreading stock for the next few months as to boost their first quarterly and not end up with a backlog for demand.