Piggy banking: Save money with this popular budgeting technique

We don’t mean the bloated pink thing on your shelf. We’re talking about separating your savings into different places (like Pots – not pigs).


This is how I would love to budget but need the committed spending pot to round off the process.


To make this work, we need the ability to have certain transactions take money from set pots.


I completely agree, this would make it way easier to manage!

Even better, is it possible to use AI to look at the scheduled payments already going out, and group the money into pots automatically?

Interested to see how this would work with budgets though, as I recently moved money out of a pot to pay off a holiday, and it basically wiped out my budget which wasn’t related to this payment.

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I’ve just read the article today. I think pots are great but as subscriptions can’t be paid from pots it seems like an unfinished project. Salary Sorter is great and I do use pots to pay rent and direct debits for bills. I do think that there needs to be the option to pay any reoccurring payment from a pot before it becomes the way forward for me. I’ve found that I need to manually move money out of pots on the right day which is a bit hit and miss.

For now, check out the IFTTT integration to handle this scenario.

Is there any update on allowing more than 20 pots? Given all the new features surrounding it, it seems odd to keep this limit (given other suggestions of very granular pots).