Phone contract receipts in Monzo

Hello! :nerd_face:

Thanks to the idea from @HughWells, I made a little AWS Lambda function for uploading the receipts to Monzo from Zevvle, a mobile network I run. It only does the payment items for now, but usage info in the notes and PDF receipts are en-route.

I’ve submitted a correction for the merchant data. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t do it for the other networks, but if you’re looking for something different:wink:

Have a great weekend! :cloud_with_rain:



Interesting development; I’m extremely pleased at your progress having read your initial idea here. :+1:

I’d like to see some posts/discussions around the technical difficulties and insider things around developing this platform, though I may have missed this elsewhere. A new MVNO in 2020, especially from a small firm, is interesting and I wish you the best of luck.

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Their latest newsletter - you can get to the archive and have a look at the others if interested?

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Thanks for the response. I’m more interested in the insight into the technical development, mainly due to being in the industry and being curious about how a new MVNO is created.


Might want to have a look at their forum then?


:eyes: thank you @nbgoodall for making the idea I suggested and then forgot about! It’s awesome :slight_smile:

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