Personalised Categories

Loving the Monzo app but would be great if we could add custom personalised spend categories. The default ones are good but very broad. I’d like to be able to track spending on certain things. Perhaps the categories could remain as is but a tags feature could be added.

You’ll be pleased to know there’s many discussions about this on here. Just type categories into the frying pan/magnifying glass on the top right and you’ll see them all.


@anon4562461 love that you called it a frying pan :slight_smile:


As @anon4562461 said, this is a commonly requested thing. I personally think that the categories currently available are far too broad to be of much use.

But more importantly, can we start using frying-pan as a verb?
To frying-pan = to search

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Apologies - I am using the forum on a phone and it returned no results when
I typed ‘categories’ in the ‘frying pan’ field :slight_smile:


No need to apologise.

Try this thread.

Are you using an iOS phone? On my Android phone it returned 50 items when I searched “Categories”! Maybe their search functions are working differently?

On my phone (iPhone 6 Plus), I can’t even see any frying pan (loving how the new term has already replaced search/magnifying glass btw :laughing:). Also, I’m not shown suggestions of other topics when creating a new one.

The only way I can search on my phone is to append the url with /search?q=search_term.

I get the frying pan :slight_smile: but no automatic suggestions when creating new topics (so search first to check before creating) … though to have some Lowenstein differential algorythm analyse what you are typing in and pop up with close existing matches may be a good idea

Using Safari on my 6S i can see the frying pan and search whether I’m logged in or not. I rarely use the mobile site though. Automatic suggestion on new topic creation don’t work for me. Don’t know if it’s a content blocker issue.

I use Ghostery on my desktop and 1Blocker on my phone.

As a test I just disabled all of my content blockers, cleared my cache and still no change :thinking:

You’ve broken it then. Bad boy.

AHH! BlockBear!! It said it was disabled when I tested but looking into the native iOS content blocker settings it wasn’t.

Has now now been uninstalled.

Hey! :slightly_smiling_face: As @anon4562461 mentioned there are lots of interesting discussions on this subject on the forum. Hugo’s explanation here is a great summary of some of the considerations and challenges we’re exploring in terms of developing perosnalised categories.

Now, every time I look at a search icon…


Now I really want a userscript that changes it to that for me.

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