Pensionbee - Any feedback?

My link too:

I love it just for the fact it makes pensions easy to see and checkup on, rather than something that just exists somewhere that I have no idea about.

The coolest thing about Pension Bee is they built their own office robot to sign pensions documents automatically…


I have seen that robot and it’s pretty dope. :slight_smile:

If anyone fancy trying PensionBee, we have a reward on Emma:

Also can get £50 added to your pension if you sign up through this link
Pensionbee £50

One benefit to the Emma reward is you get the £25 as cash, but if you’re happy for the money to go straight in to your pension then the referral link is better.

Thank you to whoever used my referral link. :pray:
You can still get £50 through here.

On a positive note after more than 6 months being in negative, my pension went to positive on Saturday. Don’t be fooled by the ups and down and think of this as a long term investment. I am on the Future Plan investment.

Is anyone looking into Moneybox releasing their pension offer?

I am on the tailored plan and been positive from day 1 19/12/2018, it has fluctuated over that time but never negative and eating into the original funds

I won’t be using moneybox as fees to much :wink:

PensionBee investment side is nothing to write home about, it’s all outsourced and not their focus.

They are all about customer service and consolidating your pension.

I always recommend PensionBee for anyone with multiple pensions who is struggling to keep track (unless it’s DB rather than DC.) If you are interested in performance as the major factor PensionBee is a good start but you will want to keep your eye open for else where.

The big selling point is their amazing customer service, this is the real value they bring to the table and help you with.

I have 2 pensions in there, awaiting the pension dashboard to be released to see if I have any others then put them all in pensionbee :wink:

I take it that once all in pensionbee I can move as one elsewhere if I wanted?

Absolutely, this is the main reason I suggest PensionBee to friends and family.

Consolidate your pensions, control the fees and what is in them, understand your complete retirement plan, then decide on a long term plan.

Even just taking that first step (with anyone!) is extremely important. Once you know what your total pension looks like you can start to make better decisions, as you understand the reality of the situation a lot more.

I don’t think pensions get enough attention personally, enrolment is great start but we need to do so much more.

Anyway, some practical advice:
HMRC find my pensions service

The Money Advice Service how to find all your pensions (includes a link to the HMRC site too)

Once the pensions are in one place they are easy to control and understand.

The exception to this rule is defined benefit schemes (DB pensions) where you are guaranteed a set amount each month/week depending how long you worked for a firm. These are the holy grail of pensions, even a small DB pension is guaranteed money on top of your state pension. You have a better chance of getting eight friends together and planning a holiday in a few hours than you do transferring a DB pension scheme. Generally you are always worse off moving a DB scheme and the regulator will draw and quarter any adviser that suggests you moving it. These pensions you can not consolidate into PensionBee, everything else go for it!

Thanks for all the advice above. I used one of the referrals and moved my 3 dirfferent pensions over. Here my link if anyone wants to use.

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I’ve moved one of my pension schemes across to see how it works out.

Which plan did you choose? My Future World is doing good, I will be looking at the new offering that MoneyBox provides and see if there is any difference.

If anyone needs a referral.

No just waiting for the funds transfer to complete then will decide.

CEO update, 15/09/2020:

I’m delighted to confirm that we now administer over £1,000,000,000 of pension savings on your behalf. As the world around us proves increasingly challenging and the need for financial wellbeing and confidence only grows, we are delighted to welcome new savers at a rapid rate. With over 330,000 registered customers, of whom over 57,000 already have their pensions invested through PensionBee, we look forward to helping more and more people achieve financial freedom in their later years.

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