[Beta] Penny ⚡️ Find Your Pensions - Feedback & Discussion

Hey guys :wave:

I’m the Co-founder of Penny (and fellow Monzonaut): https://www.checkpenny.com/

Penny automatically finds all your pensions from old jobs - takes 60 secs :zap:

In the future, we’d love to integrate Monzo to help their customers find their lost pensions.

Not trying to sell/promote - just wanna hear your feedback/thoughts.

Cheers guys :raised_hands:


Sweet - auto connect with my monzo would be :fire:
Looks good

Moneybox also offers this service (just used it for first time on thurs passed)

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Thanks to everyone who’s tested Penny so far :raised_hands::raised_hands:

@nathanthomson8 Yep Moneybox have a similar service, but a bit different:

  1. you have to know what pension scheme it’s with
  2. you have to transfer the pension to Moneybox

Whereas Penny is a “purely find” service, no need to transfer.

The question we’re asking atm is: do people actually care about finding old pensions? Is lost pensions a problem for them?


I seem to have got stuck in a never ending loop, trying to give a 3rd company :frowning:

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Ah, little bug :bug:Looks like you got through it - thanks for the persistence :sweat_smile:That’s why beta testers are so helpful!

Any feedback/thoughts?

I did get through it - but only by choosing “no”, so I was only able to give 2 companies when I think there’s at least 5! I now can’t seem to add any more, as a search has just gone out for the original 2.

Some initial feedback - I know my NI number from memory but potential users of Penny may not… Some info on where to find it (payslips etc.) could be useful. I also thought I’d get results within 60 seconds, but I can understand that it’s out of your hands how long they take to respond!


Nope and nope.

I told them my previous places of work and they gave me the potential pension holders and the numbers/emails to contact.

They did link the transfer service but that is not locked in.

Do you do anything differently or on top of this?

Nice idea, would be better as a webapp rather than a Messenger bot though. I know Facebook already knows everything about me already but may as well not make it easier for them :joy:


I concur. I try to avoid Facebook as far as is reasonably practical, certainly don’t like the concept of my financial stuff inherently linked to their servers.

(Wether or not data is encrypted, still don’t want to interface with them).

Almost irrelevant for me anyway, as I know where my one other pension is. But yeah.

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Cheers for the info Nathan :+1:

Our goal is to make it lightning fast. No need to email/phone your pension scheme, or download an app, or commit to a transfer.

We’re designing it for complete novices when it comes to finance/pensions etc.


Gave it a whirl, nice.

How does it work? Like how do you actually find my pensions from the info I’ve given (name, DOB, NI, past employers)?

Overall pretty cool tbh

Thanks @londonrider :v:Penny works by automatically contacting pension schemes to ask if you have a pension with them (based on your name, DOB and NI number), and then if you do (yay!), then we automatically reply to you in the chatbot saying how much is in that specific pension.

Overall, our goal is to find people’s lost pensions and give that money back to them.

There’s £20bn in lost pensions (£700 per UK adult :scream:)

I’m interested in this but don’t have a Facebook account or want to make one, for various privacy related reasons. Will this service be offered independently of Facebook?


it clearly uses my name in the conversation, then the first question is ‘what is your first name’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it ends with ’ I’ve started searching for your pensions This takes 3-5 days.’

What was all this ‘it only takes 60 seconds’ stuff? Be honest at the start. I’m left with the feeling that this was just an information grab.




Yeah, I was rather surprised by this too. Needs to be more upfront about how it’s going to get the data, and how long it will take.


@Smsm1 and @TonyHoyle - that’s a good point. The 60 seconds was just the inputting on info.

The 3-5 days is because pension co’s are (as you might imagine…) quite slow at customer service. But yep, we’ll be more transparent in our chatbot that it takes a bit of time to find your pensions.

Thanks for giving it a whirl and really appreciate the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

@TonyHoyle also thanks for spotting that double name thing! :see_no_evil:

@BristolMatt and @MainPapaya - Yep, a non-FB chatbot is on our roadmap :v:

Tbh we get that FB isn’t perfect. But we think that millennials wouldn’t download an app (which is quite a hefty decision) to find their pensions. So a chatbot (v quick onboarding) is better.

Feel free to yell at me you disagree :see_no_evil:And thanks for the feedback guys.

So do you send emails off to the various companies to try and find the pensions or is there some API that you can hook into. Are you basically spamming a load of pension companies to see if they have a pension for me?