Pending transaction drop off

Hi there is a pending transaction on my account how long will it take for it to drop off, as it was a security check for the card.


Hi @Seaneen83 :wave: It should be refunded within 7 days and will appear as a separate item in the feed (showing +£1 what whatever was the amount). If it’s more than 7 days, you can ask via chat to check this transaction.

@anon72173902 wow, much class, I’m absolutely speechless. :wink:

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Regular Google me :smile:

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Do you mean LMGTFY?

I this case LDSTFY = Let @anon72173902 Search That For You :wink:


No idea how Now TV do theirs, but it taken a month to get my 10p back. Not that I’d even realised until the refund came through :sweat_smile: I’d assume maybe the pending transaction was processed and just returned later?E0505652-AB34-4E7D-8C70-CAD070A39BCE

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I’ve started to contact customer support flagging up active card checks which deduct the balance instead of notifying you as I class them as bugs now with the CA.

Since I’ve done this, I started to notice that I was gaining more ‘Active Card Check’ notifications instead of deductions plus Monzo refunded me straight away instead of waiting the 7 days.


Not sure why it’s suddenly a bug that iTunes reserve £1.58 (or whatever) as an active card check?

Or are you saying Monzo should insulate the user from seeing that sort of thing if they know what it is?

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