Pellets not cannonballs: How we experiment at Monzo 🧪

During the excitement of Neon let’s not forget about the fact that our staff write incredibly cool blogs so we want to keep sharing them here with everyone.

This is one that @alexmanthei wrote about how Monzo’s experimentation culture looks like in practice. Alex joined recently as a Senior Product Designer and seemed the ideal person to write this insight.

On top of this, we’re actually hiring a senior product designer - details on that found here :point_down:


Love it. Super cool to see something that isn’t confluence for writing too. I love it, but there are other options :laughing:

Be interested to hear about other ways you build and run Experiments. For example feedback loops, whether you use a lean startup approach and your MVP approach.

@AlanDoe so you basically test things out/ break them? Then make it even better?

(I look forward to reading this letter)