Passed Monzo Interview, but no start date

Is that anything like the Monster Mash?

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That’s a bit harsh? I don’t think I have been unfair at all in what I have said?
With respect, you don’t know me or my circumstances. I was simply replying to a post on the forum.
Maybe next time just try being nicer to people? It’s really not difficult.
All the best :+1:


I don’t think that comment was aimed at you at all.

It’s context was the post making sweeping assumptions about what Monzo could have/should have/would have done based on a guess at what had gone on behind the scenes of your case.

I didn’t reply to you or mean you. And I would hazard a guess as you’re called Meg you’re not a he either!

I’m sorry to hear this Meg.

I don’t work in hiring, but I know they’ve been doing their best at a really difficult time to forecast what’s going to happen in the next few months and they’ve had to make some really hard and difficult decisions. Unfortunately that’s happening across the bank and it’s affecting lots of people who already work here or were hoping to work here.

Best of luck with getting a job that you love and enjoy and maybe in the not to distant future life might have returned back to normal and we’ll be hiring again :hot_coral_heart:


Thanks Dan :slight_smile:

Of course I don’t know that, I’m speculating, like many people do on here on almost every topic. I’m an outsider looking in, and that’s how it seems to me. It just seems like common sense to me that if you’re laying people off, you’re not going to have room for new hires. I run a business of my own, a small one mind you, but the second we were in a position where I would have to let an employee go, is the second I would know that I wouldn’t be able to bring anyone else in. I would do my best to inform any new hires immediately. :man_shrugging:

I don’t believe I’m bashing them at all. I hold Monzo to a higher standard than other banks. The fault of their own marketing and ethical touting. When, in my opinion, they fall short, I will say so. I praise them just as often on here when I feel like they excel at something too.

To my knowledge, I’ve never specified my gender on here either. I could be a she. Please use they/them/their when addressing me.

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We aren’t making any redundancies in our COps roles if that influences your thought process here.


That’s great! Monzo needs their COps now more than ever. Thanks for sharing that.

Without wanting to sound in any way patronising, if you think about it this statement just doesn’t make any sense (common or otherwise). It’s easy to think of a thousand examples where you would be making redundancies and hiring because there is more than one role in the organisation.

What you’ve implied in your comment is that somebody in Monzo has behaved really callously to prospective new starters and I think that’s really unfair (as you’ve based that opinion on zero evidence).This wouldn’t have been a straightforward or easy decision.


In the abstract, that may be OK but it’s not really very helpful when discussing someone’s livelihood/career. They’re in a difficult enough position as it is without random internet people tossing in theories as to what might have happened.

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That’s fair, though I don’t necessarily agree. I think it’s ok to speculate about the acts of a company so long as you remain respectful and sympathetic to the people it directly affects. It’s best we diverge our discussion here so that it can move on calmly and respectfully, lest it depress into an argumentative cesspool.

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Interesting you criticise me for that, but completely unprompted, you sent me a private message with your assessment of a forum members mental disorders?

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Like I said…take a breath.


Maybe we can just ignore the fact that it is Monzo and agree that the process hasn’t been the best, and as a result a potential candidate is now in a difficult situation? I think it’s totally fair to bash bad recruitment processes, whether Monzo’s or others’. There might be other facts that we don’t know yet, but I think it’s fair to provide an opinion based on the facts that we do know currently.


I also heard on Tuesday that Monzo are unable to take me on at all (I passed the interview at the beginning of March)
I’m really disappointed as I love Monzo and everything they stand for and couldn’t wait to work for them as a COp. It’s really really frustrating but I’m lucky that I still have a job and my boss was happy to void my notice that I gave back in March.
Unfortunately no one can change the current circumstances or situation and I feel given all of this Monzo handled it really well. I don’t hold them accountable at all as it’s unforeseen circumstances. They kept me informed throughout each stage and were supportive.
If/ when they hire again for this role when all of this has cleared up, I will definitely apply again. :orange_heart::rocket:
Sorry to hear others have missed out too. It’s a horrible situation :cry:

Stay safe,
Laura x