Oyster Transactions Always Delayed :(

Perhaps it’s a TfL issue, but whenever I use the card for Oyster payments, the total doesn’t come off the card until the next day.

Yes, you are correct Luciano.

When do we charge you?
When you use a contactless payment card to travel, we take a single payment at the end of each day for all the journeys you made, so you’re usually charged for your travel the day after you made your journeys.

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And I think most Contactless payment will be like that at the moment, since it depends on when the merchant collects the money.

We’ve configured our cards so that 99.9% of contactless payments are authorised online in realtime, so they should show up straight away.

Oh, that’s great! Are contactless payments mostly online and live? Or is it just how this prepaid infrastructure works?

Mondo contactless transactions are online. It depends on how bank has configured their cards to work. Most UK banks have chosen to authorise contactless transactions “offline”, so they only appear in your statement a few days later.


The only downside to this is online authorisation takes a few seconds longer while the machine connects whereas offline its instantaneous, I think?
If you did let the cards authorise transactions offline when is the earliest you/the bank becomes aware? Is it the next time the card machine connects or are they bundled at the end of the day? Genuinely curious about this

The transaction is reported in the “Presentment” file mentioned in this post - https://getmondo.co.uk/blog/2015/12/02/3-second-sandwich/


Given the above, when will Mondo know and therefore process the transaction? i.e. If I was using my card over TfL today, and if today’s transactions go through tomorrow - does this potentially mean there may not be the cash available when they come to batch process as TfL will only have completed the £0.10 active check? What happens in this instance?