Other accounts in monzo, flex and premium


Is there any roadmap on bringing virgin money to other accounts in monzo ? this is my secondary account but isn’t supported.

With flex i think a good way to work it would be allowing the choice between when to take the first instalment being if the customer wanted to chose right away they can if not they can have the first instalment come out a month after the purchase and subsequent months based on what plan they chose.

With premium i like the features and the metal card however i have noticed that the metal card after only 3 months has a permanent slight bend in it that i can’t get out unless i bend it the other way (based on my wallet) i was wondering if there was a way to request a monzo plus card even though it’s plastic it looks nicer imo and won’t permanently bend.

Bringing in gadget insurance to premium from assurant is a good idea too as virgin money my secondary account allow this mobile insurance and travel insurance for the same price £15 per month.


Hi @davidmcd and welcome :wave:

Lots of things happening in this post, it may be better to raise them individually, for example the Virgin Money request could go here.

I too would like to see more from premium, you can add your thoughts here

Good luck!


The first payment is always right away, that’s how it’s been designed to make people more aware that they are getting credit.

Add-ons for the same price are very unlikely.

I prefer this general choice when designing services: The product is what it is, your choice is to use it, or not.

The entire purpose of this forum is for customers to offer suggestions for features and things they’d like to see, and it’s up to Monzo to decide which ones they want to implement.

Your post is in the complete opposite to the spirit of the forum. “It is what it is use something else” isn’t how Monzo has ever operated.

That’s one of the purposes. There are others.

That is how Monzo (along with other banks) operates.

silly argument. however if that


is how monzo operates what would the point in this forum be and people within monzo development and share holders reply and looking at it.

Seems a bit pointless if they make the decisions and it is what it is but have an active forum for suggestions ?

Ideas/votes are largely meaningless (as they should be) but this place was designed as a community, not as a suggestions box.

That’s a valid opinion, but Monzo does what it thinks is best for themselves (as do all other banks). Usually, this coincides with what is best for its customers, and occasionally it will be something that was suggested in the forum.

There are many useful and doable suggestions made here that Monzo haven’t implemented and are unlikely ever to implement. That’s their prerogative, and customers are welcome to look elsewhere if those things are important them.

All banks operate like this. If you want instant notifications for transactions, don’t bank with Santander, if you want to easily deposit cash or cheques on a regular basis, don’t bank with Monzo, for example.