Opening banking for business accounts

We use Pots to help us budget and this is one of our favourite things about Monzo for business. It makes putting money aside super simple and transparent, without the need to refer to spreadsheets.

The problem is as we put money aside the pressure is to move that money to an interest bearing account outside of Monzo.

This would introduce a small weakness in our banking security and accessibility but even more disappointingly it also means that Pots then become a transitory budgetary feature instead of a direct overview, so we end up having to go back to spreadsheets.

So weโ€™d like interest payments, as it removes that pressure to go elsewhere.

But this problem could also be partly alleviated by having open banking for business accounts, so we can add an external savings account to the app and include them as a quasi-pot in the overview page. I donโ€™t know if there are any business savings accounts that support open banking but at least Monzo would be ready if there are.

It surely would be classified as additional income for the business :thinking:
LTD companies probably would manage corresponding paperwork without problem, but what about Sole traders?

Anyway, I wouldnโ€™t keep big (or all) capital on :monzo: account :expressionless:
It suits for expenses and its budgeting and thatโ€™s it, for now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What problem are you seeing because it only takes a minute to set this up on accounting software

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Weโ€™re a LTD company and we use Xero, which has very capable accounting and budgeting features, but weโ€™re small and simple enough that Monzo Pots really is all we need to budget for now.

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