Open banking aggregator


I’ve been using it for a few days now, I have to say I think I’ll be going down the same path. Also seems like a good way to check all my account balances on the go.

Just because the FCA mandates that financial data cannot be shared doesn’t mean the app can’t share other, non-financial data like usage patterns, device fingerprints, location data, contacts, etc.


Contacts seems to be a big one to share…facebook

On iOS at least, they can’t get at your device contacts without a system level permissions dialogue, so they can’t actually get that without you knowing. Collecting up data on your Facebook friends through the API, though, is possible I believe.

Location data is the same, but many of these apps ask for location permissions for something innocuous like the weather, and beyond that who’s to say that they definitely don’t use it for anything else?

It’s a minefield out there!