Nova Money Planner - Q&A

Just noticed you can connect to “Mettle Bank”, but Mettle isn’t a bank!

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You’re right, the name comes as “Mettle Bank” from Truelayer but we should simply call them “Mettle”!

Can I get a link to the private beta please?

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Hi Gareth, sure I’ll send you a DM for more details.

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Hi @Sam.Abrika, I’ve been using Nova for a while now and I’m loving it! I find this track screen very useful and check on it everyday. Awesome UI. Very well done!

I just wanted to ask:

  1. I can’t really see the progress of my investment goal because unlike the saving one, I cannot link my investment account to it… Is there another way to do it?
  2. Is there any possibility of linking multiple goals to one account? Just wanted to avoid having to make multiple saving pots.


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Thank you so much for your feedback K8ielin :heart:

  1. Investment goals are going to be publicly this week in Nova v2.19
  2. From a design perspective, it’s simpler to reflect the goals’ progression when an account is linked to a unique goal, but many users don’t find this solution convenient. How would like to see the progress of your goals if they’re all linked to the same savings account?


  1. Cool, I’ll give the investment goals a try and will let you know!
  2. Possibly an ability to create a main goal, link the account and then make subgoals? Like I can create a saving goal “Dream House”, then make subgoals like Deposit, Stamp Duty, Documents, Furnitures, etc. but they are all within the same savings account so they look like a checklist, and have their own progress bars. In a way I would find it motivating to see the subgoals being completed than just waiting for the total amount to reach 100%
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@K8ieLin that’s a cool idea. Then you could save for the kitchen, the living room, etc… :laughing:

The version 2.19 with investment goals is now released!