New TestFlight testers?


I know this an old post but is there anymore spaces for TestFlight?


I think TF was killed off in favour of beta builds. You can sign up for them in the app store (android). Not sure about iOS.

EDIT: Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Ah ok. I’m on iOS so have no idea how to sign up for beta builds?

(James Nicholson) #21

There are! We recently had a clear-out (we asked existing testers to opt-in again). You can ask in-app support to add you to TestFlight for iOS.

Usual caveat: betas will be crashy and broken. We ask that testers report bugs and crashes (ideally via the Developer Slack) and ideally have Xcode installed in order to export crash reports. Thanks!

New iOS TestFlight build (1.9.6)

Brilliant, thanks you very much for that!

(Alex Sherwood) #23

Here’s the signup link for the developer’s Slack team.

Pulse graph gets stuck in latest TestFlight build
(Nathan Voller) #24

What’s the best channel in the Slack team to do that in?

(Alex Sherwood) #25

#Community is best.

(Bruce) #26

How do we get added to the TestFlight list?

Interestingly crowdcube just added me to theirs as an active users, unprompted…

(Henry Pedro) #27

and me too… (added to crowdcube TestFlight)

(Jake Oliver) #28

There was a form floating around to get yourself added. I believe @james was in charge of it and might be able to help :wink:


I’d be interested in this too please @james

(Alex Sherwood) #30

James mentioned the process for applying earlier in this topic (which I’ve just moved your posts to) -

(James Nicholson) #32

If you chat to Support in the app, they can get you on TestFlight :thumbsup:

Standard caveats:

  • Betas are very buggy: things will regularly break or stop working, and you need to be OK with this!
  • We prefer that testers know how to extract device logs and crash reports via Xcode to send to us when betas crash
  • TF updates are manual, every release, and you need to keep on top of these (to always be testing the latest)
  • Most of the time there isn’t a build on TF: they only appear during the week prior to new releases :slight_smile:

(Adam Hockley) #33

Broken no builds


recommend you obscure your apple id…

(Tom Warren) #35

There are no TestFlights builds available yet, the last was before the iOS 1.9.4

(Graeme ) #36

Apple now allow up to 10,000 TestFlight users - will Monzo look to add more users now?

(Colin Robinson) #37

They are doing with the Current Account Preview rollout?

(Adam) #38

Yep, CA app is only in TestFlight hence the need for an iOS device