New Limits!

(martin) #56

I didn’t suggest you were ignorant of how fees at an ATM work, I simply explained MY predicament, I also explained quite a bit more, that is what this forum is for, is it not? I do have other cards by the way, including the Revolut. My point was that if the Monzo card had allowed me to have the enhanced limit it would have simplified things for me, as for having my wallet stolen with £500, I carry only what I require, the rest goes in my room safe until needed.

(martin) #57

If that is the case then their eligibility requirements are even more of a mystery to me. Especially as I am unaware of the criteria I must meet to alleviate their concern.
It seems like I will do as before, use just shy of the monthly limit, then switch to my other cards and the backup TC’s as required.
I don’t change GBP to Baht here as the exchange rate is woeful in comparison to changing in situ, the banks will be shut by the time I get of my flight, so the ATM outside my chosen hotel would have been a handy way to pay for the hotel, as is I will simply use a different card, albeit one with extra fees (on top of the mandatory ATM fee) to withdraw the money required. C’est la vie.

(Alex Sherwood) #58

Sounds like you’ve got it figured out :slight_smile:

(martin) #59

Yep, I like to know where I stand well in advance of any situation arising.
If i had stopped querying the Monzo rep after I was first told that I need “To reach an unspecified limit, then call them for a manual review” It is conceivable I could Have found myself in a foreign country having hit my Monzo limit and being denied access to extra funds. As it is, having persisted, I now know the route I have to follow, which is a combination of TC’s, cash and cards. Also any other forum viewers, reading this, are now aware of more of the potential scenarios surrounding getting an enhanced limit from Monzo.

(Alex Sherwood) #60

Good & since we can never say this too often - users should always carry a back up card while Monzo is in beta.

(Patrick) #61

The limits are apparently out of Monzo’s hand.

Responsible standard use abroad may impact positively towards increased limits so as far as we know - and without Monzo wanting to give to much information away - asking for increased limits when you hit your limits may be great advice :astonished:


I’ve never hit my limits but I do use the card constantly on a daily basis and top up several times a month. It’s been my main card since I got it, both here and abroad.

(Sukhraj Singh Bal) #63

How does someone get the enhanced identity verification? i have done the basic two step one, using the video and my driving licence. When i get my card it easy to go for the enhance version?

(Alex Sherwood) #64

I’ve moved your post here, as Naji’s explained the process at the top of the thread, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #65

I’m using Monzo while travelling around South America where Cash is King, Visa is the Queen and Mastercard only accepted by larger banks and fancy establishments. I’m just about half way through my trip and about 2 weeks budget away from my annual ATM withdrawal limit. I understand a daily limit but the low monthly and annual limits have resulted in the cards usefulness to be limited…

(Bob) #66

Are you already on the enhanced verification limits as posted at the top of this thread? If not, contact support via in-app chat and you may get those limits raised.

(James Shrager) #67

Are the limits the same across pre-paid and current account? Only asking as I have a query re the transfer limits but before raising want to check the current account will be the same…

(Marta) #68

@jshrager Current Account limits are much higher and only reflect functionalities available in the app (so for example, there are no limits). Text in the app mentions that it will be tweaked and all. From app, it’s currently set to:
ATM limit daily £400
ATM limit monthly £5,500
Outbound Faster Payments limit daily £10,000
Card transaction limit daily £1,000 £10,000

(James Shrager) #69

@Avishai thanks that makes sense re Faster Payments limits - was concerned they were quite low but could only see the prepaid limits as I’m waiting for my current account debit card to arrive!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #70

daily card transaction limit on mine is £10,000 I presume yours is mis type ?

(Colin Robinson) #71

Same here:

(Marta) #72

@Dunsford, @iansilversides Yes, I don’t know how I retyped it wrong! :smiley: Fixed in the original post.

(Naji Esiri) #73

Quick update on current account limits - ATM withdrawal limits are now enforced at £400 a day and £5,500 a month :+1:


why can’t I withdraw as much of my money as I want?

(Drew sanders) #75

Wow or £66k per annum!! £500 a day would have felt better for me but you are £100 above Starling.
If I take cash out it’s usually to pay tradespeople lately.