New error while fetching transactions

This has just started occurring on my app where I authenticate Monzo API and in the developers portal playground itself - when fetching transactions this error is returned:

  "code": "bad_request.missing_param.start_time",
  "message": "The field 'start_time' is required",
  "retryable": {}

Anyone know why?



It’s not just you, I’m seeing the same thing with my app as well.

Previously you had to specify since=, and this gets rid of the “start_time” is required error, but unfortunately just generates an “end_time” is required error instead.

Even if you specify these fields in the URL it refuses to accept them :frowning:

Doc: Monzo API Reference
States since & before are optional looks like they are required params now
should work

They are not required after the first 5 minutes after authentication. For the first 5 mins you can download your entire transaction history (no parameters required) after 5 mins you can only retrieve the last 90 days transactions so have to have the parameters. Not sure if before is required if you want everything until “now”.

Hey @karimali831, you’re right that both start and before are optional. We’ve been doing some work to improve how these APIs work behind the scenes and breaking this seems to have slipped through. We’re looking at fixing this now. I’ll be back to let you know once we’ve got a fix out. Thanks so much for reporting this!

While I’m thinking about this, I’d strongly recommend setting start and before where possible. The reason being that if you leave them blank we’ll return your entire history and this will get slower and slower the more you use Monzo. We may also need to change this behavior one day for this exact reason. Though mind you, the behavior should continue to work as documented and we’ll make sure it does.


:ship: The fix for this is now live. You can once again query transactions without specifying since and before, with us defaulting to returning all transactions as we did before.

Really appreciate the bug report and the patience while we fixed it! Happy hacking :wrench:


I am using the Monzo.NET library and decided (as you’ve advised) to specify before & since which fixed the issue instead of fetching the entire history and then limiting results by X. Anyone using this library when invoking GetTransactionsAsync() you can pass PaginationOptions as 3rd argument and set BeforeTime and SinceTime accordingly. Thanks for the update.

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