New debit cards

Watched BBC news this morning and I caught the end of a report talking about natwest debit cards which come with a finger print reader for all contactless transactions built into the card
Any more info on this?

Here you go

My biggest concern is that unlike Apple or other tech giants, NatWest banks will might store the fingerprints in a less secure format. Maybe something that can be extracted from a stolen card. Wouldn’t put it past a bank

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Probably store them as a .jpg on a server accessible by all staff :upside_down_face:


Sorry, where are you getting this from?

finger print data is stored on the card its self, its not kept anywhere else.

How do they get the print to the card?

In branch meaning scan to pc then to card.

I saw this yesterday.

  • Fingerprint data is stored “securely” on the card.

  • They will look at alleged fraud “on a case by case basis.”

  • They’ve done a trial with debit cards, which had a high transaction limit. They’re going to do another trial with credit cards with a higher (or potentially unlimited, subject to the credit limit) transaction limit.

  • There have been a few issues with card readers not working with the cards, which were unexpected.

  • They are hoping to do a full roll out next year.

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Even if that was the case the bank is not allowed to store that kind of info, that’s the entire point.

These cards can use an ‘enrolment sleeve’ similar to the pin devices Barclays and other use, that allows you to enroll your fingerprint at home directly to the card.

In most countries, if you try and buy something over the national contactless limit - the terminal just prompts you for the card PIN.

No idea why that approach isn’t used in the UK.

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Yes I am doing some travelling round Europe and did think this the other say.

Can’t really see any logic for not doing it that way tbh. Just as secure as putting your card in the terminal as both require the pin

The word “securely” needs to be removed from this. They didn’t say that, they said this;