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In my opinion the first season was great. After that it got too complex for its own good and struggled to follow who what where why, which leaves me unsure if I want to start this new series

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I probably would, just to finish it because there are a few interesting tidbits in there, but I wouldn’t rush to finish it.

I watched some yesterday. It’s crazy, but more fool pepsi :joy:

I agree. I’m a few episodes in and not sure wtf is going on tbh.


Isn’t the fun in watching a series that you get to decide that for yourself? Stop watching trailers and asking others’ opinions to try to work out whether you’ll enjoy something, and watch for your own pleasure and just get on and enjoy it.

I get where you’re coming from - definitely ditching the idea of watching trailers but there’s always a benefit in something learning from others.

If the show gets stupid are just annoying by the end it’s better jumping to something else :thinking:

Running through the rest of the episodes now anyway.

Well. I’m not even sure what episode I’m on but it’s a whole lot of crazy shite. :joy:


What did you think?

You nailed it @Revels - that should have been a one hour special where you could’ve dropped so much of the pointless talking heads :upside_down_face:

I like the fact that they’ve showcased how much of a legal precedent it is but yeah - a diet version would’ve been more beneficial :thinking:

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I’ve just finished this. I didnt know all the detail so quite enjoyed it

WTAF was that ending though, feels like it could’ve ended differently…

and it’s being setup for a second unneeded season, because netflix

Yeah I just couldn’t keep up :joy:

Westworld vibes

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Well, this is poop.

So many of my fellow '90s kids loved this show (because they loved the books). Sad to see they’re not going to get any more.

And once again, Netflix makes me ask myself the question - if they’re not going to finish this show, why should I even bother starting it?

It’s high time someone should have a word with the decision makers at Netflix, because I am not okay with this.