Nationwide Simply Rewards

Nationwide are closing their Simply Rewards cashback program as of 1st April 2019 because “Nationwide have decided to simplify their offering and focus on their core products and services”. I wonder if other Visa link ups will be going the same way.

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It was pretty lousy in my opinion anyway.

Did not see many offers that were that enticing, and a lot were repeated elsewhere, such as at Top Cashback.

FirstDirect Rewards are also VISA based, so awaiting a similar notification from them soon.

My Santander Retailer Offers have dried up too.

The Cashback world seems to be disappearing into the wilderness.

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I think I got around £30 in total in over 10 years. Already got more than half of that with Tail Offers in less than six months.

I agree though, on the whole specific cashback offers are rarely useful to me.

Well done. I have fond memories of receiving £0.75 a few years ago.

I’ve had a Nationwide account for 15 years and always forget this exists. Not sure how it even works, the only time I’m aware of it is when I see it mentioned somewhere like your post. So I guess I’m not upset by this move. :joy:

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