NatWest chat

Me too. I’m concerned that one of them might be important.


No, I just get a lot of email

Haha I am at 1994! You beat me by one!

Edit: and I email literally arrived


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How do people live like this!

If I’m not at inbox zero I can’t live. Swipe/delete/swipe/archive…

The notification is nice though and I don’t mind the emoji. I really with they would offer higher interest, no limit savings (NatWest) cos I’d consider coming back across.

The HSBC notifications are definitely function over form.


Same here. Every time that I check my email I want to leave my inbox empty. I use the Fastmail app rather than the iOS one and, if there’s something I need to deal with, I just snooze it until I can be bothered.


Ditto RBS.

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Anyone else have had trouble adding their debit card to Apple Pay?

It’s been like this for a week. I’ve requested a new card, deleted and re installed the app multiple times, signed out of iCloud, removed all my other cards from Apple Wallet. (I can add other cards, just not NatWest and Lloyds for some reason)

Have you asked NatWest what the decline reason is? Or Lloyds?

Apple does this to some devices, I see it a lot at work, never worked out why but it’s a response from Apple.

Is the device brand new or second hand? Or always been yours?

Ever had someone else’s card on it?

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This happened to me with RBS for a few days but it seemed to sort itself out without me having to contact them.

Have you tried both manually adding and adding from within the app?

I’ve had the NatWest card on my phone before, when I bought my phone two years ago it was new and I’ve never ever had this problem until recently.

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I’ve done both ways card number and adding via the app for both cards and both give me the same results. NatWest gives me lots of notifications saying that my “old” card was setup though.

NatWest should be able to remove all the old Apple Pay tokens on your account and let you in fresh. What caused you to remove it to put you in this situation anyway?

Had reset my phone because the battery was a bit poor

Can you not pay the NatWest credit card off by debit card? Doesn’t seem to be on the list, but wasn’t sure if it was exhaustive or not. Anyone know how to please? Thank you How can I make a payment to my credit card?

About six months ago it wasn’t possible. Wouldn’t think it changed since.

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Thanks for letting me know. Very surprised they don’t allow this tbh, thought it would’ve been pretty standard. Perhaps they are trying to cut down on transaction costs.

You can either pay using an existing NatWest account, using open banking via PayIt or direct debit. As you can pay pretty much via any other bank, I can’t see the need to pay by debit card. The only exception might be to try and qualify for the Halifax rewards.

I fall under that exception - I try to do all my spending on cashback cards now incl the NatWest one. Would’ve been handy if I could then pay off my NW bill with Halifax Rewards debit card seeing as Chase wouldn’t give cashback on a CC bill anyway

The call centre staff should have access to VOL (Visa Online) or the Mastercard equivalent.

Where I currently work, I have both VOL & an internal system that allows the deletion of digital tokens.

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I’ve tried to reduce a limit on a credit card, and they rejected it. I’ve never heard of that even being possible before, every other bank I’ve seen can apply those immediately. It links to a help page saying they won’t be able to do it if there’s less than £100 between your balance and the new limit, but the balance is £0. Can’t possibly think why they’d ever reject a decrease?