Names on the Current Account

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How bad is it?


Lol. Bad.


Yeah, they shouldn’t really do that without letting you know. Poor form.


Is there a benefit to me with them including my middle name on the statement even though I don’t want it there?

(Andy) #128

I think they just load in the customer name. There is a preferred name but I think that’s only used on communications between you and Monzo. Any official documentation will pull your full name. I assume the identification you provided had your full name that appears on the statement?


Not to you, no. Although I suppose some folk would argue that it’s easier to match your credit file, which may or may not be a benefit to you.

Monzo was originally very risk adverse and it was full legal names everywhere. My view is that I own my identity and my data - and that as long as I’m not passing myself off as anyone else then i should be able to choose to include my middle name on my record or not.

(Peter Shillito) #130

My old bank used just an initial for my middle name on statements, which I’d massivle yprefer to full middle name. Of course, I can just open the Monzo PDFs in Acrobat and edit the name out, but that’s a pain and verging on falsifying documents…

(Jake) #131

Is it possible to have my chosen name printed on the card but keep my official name on communication from Monzo.

I don’t want my preferred name on any records (credit rating etc) until I start using it officially, but if I can get it on my card that would be great.

(Jack) #132

I beilive so yes, just contact in app support :slightly_smiling_face: