Name mismatch using Experian Boost

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post it but here we go.

For a long time Im trying to use the Experian BOOST functionality and connect it with my Monzo account without success.

After the Experian Open Bank request is sent to Monzo and allowed by me, I always receive an error from Experian portal saying that my name is different at Monzo and they are not able to determine if Im the account owner.

I managed to confirm that my full name is exactly the same on both accounts.

I tried Monzo chat in order to determine if Monzo uses different name fields like first, middle and last name in order to compose the full name but the answer was very confusing. Its important to mention that i have two words as my first name and 3 words on the last name.

Anyone has experienced this issue before?


Hi. Welcome.

I can’t help you with your connection issue but I can tell you that Experien Boost is a complete waste of time.



As are the similar services that Credit Karma and ClearScore offer :slight_smile:

It’s very frustrating still, even with low expectations about the outcome. :frowning:

Thought these services were just so they can collect data about you to sell?

The sell data regardless and they take your money to artificially boost your score which has no benefit in the real world.

No reputable business will solely rely on your credit score. They do their own assessment by layering data from many sources and make an judgement based on that.