Moving to America

It would be cheaper if the pound gets stronger against the dollar?

Though I suppose this would only be an issue until Monzo becomes native in America? Then it would all just be done in dollars?


Remember, though, that if the pound gets stronger against the dollar, you won’t be able to buy as many pounds with your US paycheck, so you’ll lose out on the original conversion.

You’ll lose It’ll cost you money each time you’re paid, and every time you spend as, although the Mastercard rate is good, it’s not perfect. Are you sure you want to pay every time you make a transaction on your account?


I thought about this last night actually, excellent point thank you.
With this in mind I’ll still keep my Monzo account and keep a keen eye on their USA move progress. If it’s looking promising when I move I’ll stick with Monzo, but if not I’ll unfortunately have to look for an alternative.

Anyone know of any US based alternatives?

Try Simple?


Slight bump but any progress with the US launch Simon?

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Nothing to report right now, I’m afraid.


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