More than one Monzo account?

Can I have more than one Monzo account, to use as business/savings account and if so how do I go about it?

Nope. Sorry

Personal account and joint account are the only options

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If you want a cheap/free business account, you could try Starling:

I don’t believe Monzo have any plans for business accounts in the near term, so this would be an option.

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Monzo don’t provide business accounts or savings accounts.

If anyone uses a Monzo account for business purposes then Monzo are likely to close the account when they find out.

Monzo accounts also aren’t terribly useful as savings accounts as they don’t pay interest. The idea is that in the future when the Marketplace is introduced, third-party savings products will be available that you can link to and access through your Monzo account, but we don’t know when that’s coming or how it will work exactly.

The only situation at the moment where you can have more than one Monzo account is if you have a personal account and a joint account, as @Rat_au_van has said.

Ok, thanks Nick and Rat_au_van, I’ll keep watching

What am I, chopped liver? :eyes::rofl:




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