More accurate budgeting

(Alex) #1


I’ve just received my Monzo card and it seems excellent. However, the app only allows budgeting to the nearest £5, and I was wondering if that would be fine-tuned at some point? I don’t have a particularly high income and to have to budget things by £5 chunks is more than I would like really. Thanks!


(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Thanks a lot for the feedback @alexvevo!

Out of curiosity, are you using Monzo for all your spending?

(Peter Johnstone) #3

Android user so no budgeting for me yet :frowning: However, when it comes, granular budgeting is definitely something I’d love to see - on the subject of it, I’d also love more gradular top-ups. For example, I aim to spend £70/week on my Monzo card, and it would be ideal if I could top my card up to £70 exactly every Friday, rather than simply adding either £60 or £70 depending on how my week has gone…