Monzo's Gender Pay Gap

I think the idea of looking at this statistics is great and knowing what the averages of pay between men and women can give some interesting facts. I just think its been politicised and polarised in such a way that people on both ends of the spectrum (against pay gap, don’t think its real etc) have become the dominant voices and so the statistics become irrelevant and it just descends into a argument


Will you be monitoring recruiters’ practises?

Definitely! We only want to work with recruiters who bring us the best possible candidates. If there is a trend where the candidates they put forward do not meet our requirements then we wouldn’t continue to work with them. That’s just a waste of time for everyone involved and isn’t fair to the candidates!


I would also disagree with this. It’s just my two cents but I think the pay gap is rooted in a few things:

  • The way we value the role of the caregiver and the amount of support we’re willing to offer those who take a career break in order to raise children or act as a care giver to parents / partners etc.

  • How we motivate children to choose subjects that interest them and excite them.

  • Lack of diverse role models in different fields that inspire young people to achieve the same thing for themselves.

  • Lack of mentors for professional people to help build the network that is sometimes vital to success in some industries.

This list could go on and on and again, it’s just my opinion, but assigning a single cause to a problem that’s actually quite complex to one group of people doesn’t really help anyone.

If we all just say ‘hey - this is a problem we’ve identified, let’s all work together to try and solve it’ we’ll probably get a lot further towards the change we want to see. :+1:


I find these thing interesting… But theres also a lot of unmeasured things I would love to see…

With mean hourly pay… Mean hours worked (per week / per month)… Top percentile worked etc…

I started at 4am today, its 8pm now and am just finishing… No lunch, no pauses, without stopping from issue to issue… Tomorrow is a similar schedule… weekends are worked… I routinely put in 80 hours and sometimes put in 100+… I have at times (when I was younger) done 36 - 48 hours straight, without sleep, each week…

This is partly why my businesses succeed… I dont even need money anymore but I love achieving huge growth and #winning when I try… If I wouldnt give it that, I wouldnt bother doing it. I can sit pool side drinking cocktails in the tropics as a lifestyle if I wish, but having done it… your brain goes mushy, you get soft, you need a little fight in your life to stay young.

I simply dont meet women who think that kind of aggression and balance is a worthwhile life choice, thats cool, they may even be correct, but this is a drive issue and thats rarely represented in ‘mean hourly pay’…

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Me man …

= sex
= children
= social prestige
= I am better than other men, look at my woman/women
= look at my resources, I am worthy

At work, me man …

Other men
= competition
= opportunity to prove I am better
= warrior brothers
= hunters together
= social standing amongst peers

Women at work
= oh, how to I compete?
= shouldn’t she be back at the village looking after the children?
= me fancy her, must chase … no must not!! Confused.
= warrior sister? Me confused!
= this is mans work, she can’t possibly be doing it as good as a man.

And so forth

But then our conscious mind kicks in all “hey biology how’s it going, what’s with all this million years evolution it’s so outdated let’s try something different”
Evolution: no different, me man.
Consciousness: well I’m in control now and I want it to change.
Evolution: no me not change, am comfortable. fight!!
Consciousness: wow evolution is very strong but I must keep fighting …

100,000 years later … ?

(A lot tongue in cheek)


Would you

  1. leave your partner for 8 - 10 months a year… possibly ending your relationship
  2. work every hour awake
  3. engage in high scale confrontations, even physical ones

For a higher pay level ??


Doubt many people male or female would go to those lengths. Nor should they. If work is your life you’re doing life wrong


No, because I value her and our children above money.
Money is a nice to have. Coming home to three children who enjoy your company is better then any money in the bank.


But theres a certain subset of men… Who love that challenge…

I am one… I made my first mil 3 - 4 years after starting work… I have a couple of early 20s proteges now and I have told them, they give me thier life for a year, they will make a 1/4 mil this year, and possibly double next…

Work for 5 years when young then retire forever to a tropical island in a villa… Thats a work life balance to me (and exactly what I did first time round).

There’s many successful business women as well who focus solely on work to get established.
Not a choice I’d make. Work hard yes but that level of obsession isn’t for me


I should add… not only big money too…

I must know 20 guys who work oil and gas, or diving etc… They leave thier families month on month off… They risk real danger and hazards, those sat divers are 50 by the time they are really 30… But they make 1500 quid a day and double and triple time… Work in dodgy areas where safety is a bit lax and get more…

I have never met a women who thought that was a good trade, I know 20 husbands and fathers who do that for thier wives and kids…


I know someone who goes and works on cruise ships for months at a time. She’s lucky to have a supportive partner. All she gets is slagged off for how a mother could leave her kids. And that’s the difference


What percentage of the population do think are that driven ??

do you really believe as many women would sacrifice, health, relationships, being with thier kids, lifespan, etc etc as men would… to be ‘providers’ ??

Or are they more nurturing, more caring, more rewarded by ‘quality time’ ??

Literally no words

I’m out


Which goes back to my combined points about drive and confrontation, and not caring about perception, being prepared to deal with friction, etc…

I would argue those who are determined to go out there and triumph, at whatever cost, are usually running on testosterone… For good or ill, very often ill, yet to pretend otherwise is being willfully naive. That is why there is a gap, and I do believe there is a gap, not just a measurement issue, but not because of some bias within the system.

My 2c. Just dont tell Cris Cybrog :wink:

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Unsure on non binary but I have read lesbians earn more than women and gay men earn less than straight men… Would love to know if lesbians are out earning gay men or not but its so hard to do true like for like…

This is utter nonsense. How do I sell back my Monzo shares on CrowdCube?

I don’t believe that to be true, at all.


TIL lesbians aren’t women. I can’t wait to tell my sister in law :joy:


How many you got and what do you want for them?