Monzonaut AMA - Tim - Senior Backend Engineer

After last week’s huge AMA we’ve got yet another one with Community favourite @tjvr :tada:

As you may already know, Tim is a Senior Backend Engineer within our Paid Team. He’s been with the rocket ship Monzo for 3 years 9 months and 24 days :rocket:

During those years he’s worked on quite a few of the features we all love including:

  • Stripe topups
  • CASS
  • Summary
  • Joint Accounts
  • Bill Splitting
  • Shared Tabs

Tim is going to answer as many questions as he can between now and Friday so feel free to pick his brains :brain: :hammer_and_wrench:





When are credit pots launching? :eyes:

When is pay from a pot launching? :eyes:

What is your favourite flavour of jam?


What’s your favourite train?


ooohh Joint Account experience…


Where do I start


When are you joining us in the Cards Squad? :credit_card:


I don’t work on a lending team, so I’ve never heard of them I’m afraid!

Pay from a pot? Sounds like a great idea! I’ll share your suggestion with my team :wink:

Favourite flavour of jam? Now that’s a real question. It depends what mood I’m in: some days are strawberry, some are apricot. Marmalade days are the best days.


I do like the Class 47:

But I’m hoping to get a Class 08 this week. They’re so smol! :steam_locomotive:


Joint Accounts were one of my favouritest projects ever. Still have fond memories of accidentally testing joint notifications


I’m very happy where I am currently, thanks, keeping a safe distance from Mastercard. I do enjoy getting to work on projects like Virtual Cards and [redacted], though!

Thanks for all your help with the latter, btw :hearts:

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Is there any work to bring custom categories to Joint Accounts, so Trends can work properly when a JA is involved? I understand this isn’t an easy one, as there are 2 people involved (do they both have to pay for Plus/Premium on their Personal accounts, or can both access custom cartegories on the JA if one user has Plus/Premium on their Personal account?)

There are a lot of nicey-nicey features that were left out of Joint Accounts when compared to Personal accounts - is there any development going on in the background or is JA development now stagnant?


Please can you add my joint account to my google exports spreadsheet? Thanks!

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This is a tough one. I can’t speak to what we’ll prioritise, but I can give some flavour as to why it’s tricky. I recently wrote a 1000-word document exploring the issue (with diagrams!):

The core of the problem is that there are a couple of competing constraints:

  • You and your partner need to see the same set of categories on the joint account, since, well, the transactions are shared.
  • We want you to have a shared set of categories across your personal and joint accounts, so that Trends can provide an overviewing of your spending across all your accounts. (We don’t want your personal “Coffee” category and your joint “Coffee” category showing up separately!)

There are a few different ways to solve this, and we’re exploring a few of them. And I don’t know how it would work with Monzo Plus, either. But hopefully that sheds a little insight as to how we’re thinking about this.

Trust me, I want this too—I only use my joint account :sweat_smile:


So basically both members of a joint account need plus or premium and the same categories created for this to work on joint accounts at Monzo?

Sounds like we might need more than 50 custom categories if joint account peeps would need to share the same list… :eyes:


I wouldn’t want you to draw any conclusions from my message above about how it will work; we don’t know yet how it will work! I was just trying to demonstrate the sort of issues we’re thinking about



Hello @Peter_G impersonator!

  1. Are you the guy responsible for removing for Apple Pay from

  2. Can you add it back pls? (I promise I won’t abuse it this time!)

  3. If you could improve one aspect of Monzo, what would it be, and why?

  4. in the thread on Trends, someone from Monzo mentioned their bills were auto added to a shared tab. I can’t seem to find this option in Monzo so how is this actually done? IFTTT? If it relies on IFTTT could this not be something the app itself could handle in the future? Would be awesome.

ETA: Found the post referenced in question 4 for context:


Would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?

What is the Paid Team?

I note that you and a lot of others have worked in a number of teams. Is that formalised at all, in terms of moving people around every X months to get experience across the firm, or does it just happen naturally as a part of the way Monzo is structured? Or both/something else entirely?

Number one feature you’d like to see in Monzo? Real and plausible or completely fantastical.