Monzo Tune πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Monzo tune :eyes::eyes:

Not one Monzo card in sight. 0/10

Not to mention how long it would take to deposit/withdraw so much money


I so thought that this was gonna be @jackcully or @maxwhite with either cats or Rick to roll/tease/troll us.


Agreed, with that many β€œbig racks” to deposit in his Monzo the Β£1000 six monthly limit would undoubtedly get in the way. I’d suggest NatWest for depositing amounts of cash as large as that:

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I was trying to find that short about future hip hop where the guy rapping just emits an incomprehensible digital screech from the auto tune as I felt it was appropriate for this video.

I’m sorry I failed you all in obtaining this meme. So here is a auto tune husky instead.

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