Monzo Security App



My fault I mean’t by password (pin)

For someone to gain access to your monzo account they need:

  • access to your email account (which if they have, you’d get a security alert)
  • know your Monzo cards PIN number, which only you should know.

If she has an iPhone I very much doubt it’s down to malware as the cause. Unless it’s jail broken, but I really don’t know how that would affect it, but it probably won’t help.

2 tips going forward. Never disclose your pin. And always have a separate email account purely for banking purposes. That way, fraudsters won’t know this email when you log into dodgy apps or sites (using your regular email). Some sites and apps sell your data. And fraudsters buy it in the attempt to gain access to such things. But if you only log into banks with your safe email, your safe email will never be known to these people.


If someone has a virus on their phone, disclosed their pin or in anyway allowed their email to be compromised then no amount of additional security would stop what you’ve described.

While I don’t wish to victim blame there is a certain amount of due diligence that is the responsibility of the customer. There is absolutely no reason for monzo to improve its (perfectly robust as-is) security as it wouldn’t protect from anything you’ve described.

Instead consider downloading an overbearing anti-virus that will prevent you from going on dodgy sites or clicking dodgy links.


if you can, always use a different email address for your financial banking a lot of email services offer 2FA, and in order to log into monzo app on another device they need to enter a pin you can’t get that pin from nowhere unless it was told by the owner or delivered to your address and by the time it takes to be delivered then they would noticed something was wrong by then if they couldn’t access their account


Absolutely none of this makes sense.


even to change the address in the app you need to enter the pin as well to confirm it


So, what you’re telling us. Is they got you mobile number, got passed your email password. got your monzo PIN and possibly got passed 2 step verification on the email.

Either there’s a severe lack of security on all those things or a phising attempt was successful by fraudsters to obtain all those things, it just doesn’t make sense.

An iPhone “Is the most secure OS” according to Apple. Doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible, but unlikely


No app/system/security whatever your term is going to prevent the owner from f’ing up.

This is a user issue, period.


You said she has an iPhone but prior to that you mentioned running antivirus software on phone.

You can’t run antivirus on an iPhone, Apple won’t allow the software the App Store. So that alone raises issues with this story.


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