Monzo recommendations

I would like to provide feedback to the company and make some suggestions on how to improve the overall service. Please below the following suggestions.

1: customers to be able to set up direct debits manually within the app.

2: customers to be able to set up online subscriptions within the app and cancel them.

3: Like Barclays Bank, customers should be able to do the following, pay a contact with just their mobile number, pay a contact with just their sort code and account number.

4: customer to be able to apply for other products within the app.

5: customer to be able to apply for loans/mortgages within the app.

6: customers to be able to apply for a metal contactless debit card within the app

7: customer to be able to transfer money instantly between accounts.

8: customers to be able to personalise the cards within the app and request them.

9: Monzo to provide customers with cash back on card and online purchases through approved retailers.

10: develope 2 or 3 factor authentication when buying online or in store. Also when logging into the app.

11: provide customers with a attractive interest rate credit cards which can link up to the Monzo app and which are Metal. Subject to credit check and approval.

12: provide customers with tailored rewards scheme for banking with the company.

13: provide an overview of all cards within the app, and also be able to freeze the card, manage the cards, set limits, set international limits, set ATM withdraw limits to reduce for example robberies when cards are stolen.

14: provide customer with personalised products based on spending and saving and account balance like, low interest loans, mortgages, insurance, stocks and shares, investments, health and leisure vouchers. For example.

15: provide customer with a rewards wallet, which links to the app, for example a rewards wallet where you earn points for spending. Similar to Tesco credit card, you spend you earn points.

16: provide a contact section so customer can call, chat within the app, or provide a chatbot example of one can be developed by IBM.

17: provide customers with an automated telephone service for out of hours.

18: pay and transfer- be able to pay a contact with their number, pay via the app instantly, set up new payees within the app, set up international payments directly, transfer between accounts instantly.

19: set up and enable Faster Payments Service like major high street banks.

20: provide customer with the facility to set-up and manage Direct Debits and standing orders within the app.

21: Referrals: provide customers who make new referrals with a higher more generous reward, in cash if they make a set amount of referrals provide them with a free Metal Debit Card.

22: provide the facility to deposit cash into our account other than by paypoint.

23: facility to set up and manage all direct debits and standing orders

24: produce and download full statements with go back 5-6 years for employment screening purposes.

25: provide ability to update customer details within the app and save instantly.

26: provide a facility for customers to apply for overdrafts within the app and to be able to either increase/decrease the limit, subject to terms and conditions and credit checks.

27: provide customers with a range of Metal credit cards again subject to age and credit checks. Provide the credit cards which customers can have in different colours and also personalise the cards with pictures like what Barclays Bank do.

28: provide a facility to link other credit cards like MBNA and AQUA to the account and also other card providers.

Please forward these recommendations and suggestions to the relevant team.

Thank you
Dean macintyre.

Loads of those are already available. Do you have an account? Have you explored the app?


@lpoolrob Almost word for word what I was thinking reading down the list.

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As a bank without branches, how do you think they would provide customer service without already doing these? Why automated? Why call from the app?

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I am confused. I thought the app has many of these things already.


Does the Monzo app crash on the splash screen for you?


out of hours


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I’m thinking each suggestion should be split into new topic?
Then it’s clear what persons are voting for. Yes?

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Do you think any of these either arent already a thing or haven’t been suggested before?

A huge majority of the list on this post are already things the Monzo app supports, do you not have an account yet? I recommend searching this forum as someone has likely already suggested a lot of what you’ve recommended in this post.

The former is not currently supported, but there is a thread for that here. The latter is possible already within the app.

This already possible for some products such as energy supply and insurance and Monzo are working on expanding this further.

Monzo already offer loans.

Monzo is working on a Metal card for Monzo Plus users. There’s a thread for that here.

This is possible as Monzo offer a UK Current Account

Monzo already support 3D Secure for online payments, the Monzo app can already be setup to require a fingerprint or Face ID to unlock the app.

Freezing and managing your card can already be done in the app.

This already exists, there’s a ‘Help’ section within the app.

Monzo already provide this.

Most of this is already possible within the app, and you already suggested supporting Paym payments above.

Monzo already support Faster Payments.

This is possible within the app already.

This was a thing up until last week, whenMonzo paused it due to the current number of sign-ups.

How is this different from #20?

Monzo do provide full statements available in app, but 5-6 years of statements aren’t possible providing unless can time travel :wink: (Monzo hasn’t been around for 5-6 years).

This is already possible in app.

Monzo already support overdrafts.

Monzo is already trialing this feature in Monzo Labs, however not all banks are supported currently.


You’re very patient @TMannall

I’m not sure if this is a genuine post or not? Surely somebody who has spent just five minutes inside the Monzo app wouldn’t have posted this?

If not, then maybe Monzo need to work on that onboarding element they mentioned some time ago - being an existing user I guess I’ll never see it. Is any of this covered in that?


You’re a hero @TMannall!

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When I saw 3 clearly duplicated points (manage D/D’s) I questioned the authenticity of the post, or at least that a reasonable lack of thought had gone into posting it. Understanding that English may not be the first language of any member I’m also failing to apply that criteria to this post too (username)

Not wanting to be negative, but this post seems a little off kilter.


I thought all the same…

But a lot of (unnecessary) effort has gone into it…


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Thank you for your list, @Deanboy01. While I agree with others on here that a lot of this functionality is already available, I do think it’s useful to see such a list. It can also help Monzo to understand how to better surface some of the functionality, so more customers are aware of what’s there.

Equally, I think it would be useful for
Monzo to make clearer the contraints of their account. For example, the first time customers learn that there’s a limit to how much they can pay out of their account in a single day is usually the first time they need to make a payment that exceeds those limits.


That’s not how Direct Debits work, and no bank offers this. Direct Debits have to be initiated by the merchant. Essentially, you complete a Direct Debit form and send it to the merchant, and they submit it to the bank.

That’s also why with other banks, you can only manage your Direct Debit, but not set one up.


Which employer wants to see 6 years worth of bank statements?! More importantly what relevance do bank statements have in the hiring process? :rofl:

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Imagine going through 6 years of someone’s statements…


if you need top secret security clearance i.e. developed vetting…

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The new update on labs is great apart from the fact they’ve gotten rid of the chart tracking monthly spending. For me that was one of the best features of the app to pinpoint where id spent most

The link to it is in the top right corner of the screen. The :pie: chart :slight_smile: