Monzo Plus: a fresh start with some fresh faces 👇

Hello Tom.

I want you to seriously answer something for me. Isn’t Monzo Plus just a solution looking for a problem? Isn’t this product just aping what legacy other banks do, rather than innovating? You’ve had to scrap the previous project, which is rather embarrassing. Why restart from the beginning without examining the premise in the first place?

The idea of a random bundle of things that you pay for undermines the value of each of those things. If you have a product to offer - like a metal card - then offer people that product, for a price. Don’t bundle it with a load of stuff that they don’t want. And things like bundled travel insurance undermine the marketplace side of the business, confusing the product offerings in general and confusing the consumer.

Just because the old, legacy banks do this doesn’t mean that Monzo should.