Monzo or TransferWise when in Dubai?

Whilst in Dubai recently I had the chance to try out TransferWise having created some borderless accounts. All went well transferring and converting to AED. My question is, would it have been just as easy to use my Monzo card? Which is cheaper when it comes to conversion? One benefit of using Monzo was that I could scan receipts and identify purchases which TransferWise doesn’t do. Trying to work out the benefit of having Transfer - probably just me not understanding properly.

I’ve used both in Europe and haven’t noticed any significant difference in exchange rates. One thing that TransferWise might be useful for is to convert some money some time before a trip. If the exchange rate moves against you before you go, you might save a bit (but not much, in most cases).


That’s the only advantage I could see with TransferWise, being able to plan ahead with exchange rates for various currencies. Still get the feeling I’m missing something.

I think people misunderstand TransferWise & Revolut. If you live in UK and your source of funds is in Pounds then just use Monzo when travelling. TW & Revolut excel for people with income in multiple currencies.