Monzo now lets you get paid a day early, for free

Does the 3-page acceptance flow show up every time you do it, or is it a first-time and done thing, does anyone know?

I just open the transaction, not the get paid early feed item, and it was just the first time (i think. i can’t remember seeing it)

I’ve had 4 independent deposits via BACS in the last month and they all came up with ‘get paid early’ prompts which I followed to claim the money early.
I’m also curious to see what happens with the next cycle of the same monthly BACS payments - does Monzo remember them (and claim them a day early automatically) or do you have to manually claim them again?

You’ll need to manually claim every payment you want early :+1:


That’s good to know, thank you.

It’ll also give me that satisfying ‘pull-down’ action to get the :confetti_ball: display each time :smile: