Monzo now lets you get paid a day early, for free

You’ll need to manually claim every payment you want early :+1:


That’s good to know, thank you.

It’ll also give me that satisfying ‘pull-down’ action to get the :confetti_ball: display each time :smile:


I’m in the process of changing jobs. Is it bad that I’m hoping my next employer pays via BACS so I can finally test some of these features? :sweat_smile:


Definitely won’t be weird to ask that during the “do you have any questions for us?” Section of the interview :joy:

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There’s no harm in asking if presented lightheartedly. It’s the answer that’s the tricky bit;

:speech_balloon: “I have a strange question, but related to something I’m trying personally - do you make salary payments using BACS or Faster Payments?”
:speech_balloon: “Faster Payments”
Gets coat and leaves


Finding out they pay by BACS


Finding out they still pay cash…


Finding out they pay by cheque…


Is there any update on direct transfer being recognised as a salary payment? I’m in the faster payment category for wages with no chance of my employer changing to BACS :sob:

So this will be the first month I’ll be able to use this feature.
I get paid on Monday, so when will the greyed out area show on my account?

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Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

It should be 4pm today (or thereabouts).

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Hi & welcome :wave:

If you get paid via BACS and it is due on Monday, it should be showing in your feed now, under the ‘3 days from now’ header at the top. If nothing there, you may get paid by Faster Payments, in which case you’ll not get any advance notification. To check if paid via BACS or FP, look at a previous receipt from your employer. In the transaction details:

  • if you have the option to ‘Send money to [employer]’ then it is a Faster Payment (so no ‘get-paid-early’ feature available)
  • If you don’t have this option, it is a BACS payment and the ‘get-paid-early’ feature will work (collect at 4pm on the previous day, or on a Friday if the BACS is to be deposited on a Monday or a bank holiday)

I got a notification yesterday to get paid early. It took me all the way through the process right up to the screen where you drag the cash into the wallet. I thought this was just my way of switching it on, but then I was worried Monzo thought I was getting paid today and then I saw the note about Monzo taking it back if I don’t get paid.

I don’t actually get paid until the day before the last working day of each month. If this would have paid me that early I could have ended up getting into debt.

It wouldn’t have let you claim your pay early if there is nothing to claim

Do you have a greyed our transaction due to be paid on Monday?


Could it have been another upcoming payment, not your wages?

Make sure you read the screens too. You’re not turning it on or off, you’re claiming that one payment early. All future ones will need to be done manually too :slight_smile:

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I saw a post from @Rat_au_van recently about it being over a certain amount Circa £200, so it could be over this amount?

That’s not true at all, it’s any BACs payment of any amount. (so not just your salary)


Ok then :slight_smile:

PS. I get paid in 4 days :slight_smile:

I got my topcashback of 32p early thanks to this.