Monzo now has a breakdown cover offer!


Good addition for those that want it. And something extra to complain about for those that thought this was going to be added for free. “But Nationwide waaaaaaaahhh”


It is free is it not? As in, no additional charge?

Unless I’m reading it wrong.


It seems like a good price.

My car is pretty new though so I’ve convinced myself that I don’t need breakdown cover otherwise I’d sign up.

£5 a month unless I’m now reading it wrong? :thinking: :laughing:

Sadly not.

What is RAC complete breakdown cover and Legal Care Plus?

If your car breaks down at home or on the road, the RAC’s local, expert patrols arrive to save the day. Complete breakdown cover starts at £5 a month and includes roadside and home rescue, garage support and alternative transport if you need it. There are no hidden costs to worry about, all labour and fitting costs are included.

Yeah just checked the app too…

Been wanting this for a while and when I weigh-up the cost for the Premium benefits, it’s still on a par with my old HSBC Advance account benefits.

But… I have no current need for the RAC offer as the :blue_car: which needed it has recently moved on and the replacement is already covered for breakdown :man_shrugging: Oh well, maybe in the future.

Good to see the offers are developing though.

So it’s not included with plus and premium since you still have pay extra correct?


It’s exclusive to Plus / Premium members, so you need that first and foremost.

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How much would it cost for a non plus customer? If they went straight to RAC?

This starts at £5 (Standard) and has a £7 (Advanced) tier and a £9.50 (Ultimate) tier, per month
The tier details are:

10 mile tow limit doesn’t feel great


Oh I see. I read “from £5 a month” as referring to the minimum cost of Plus.

You’ll dislike me now, in that I don’t think paying £15 a month only to be told to pay additional for a product is good :laughing:

It’s becoming akin to old-school Monzo add-on packages but, I trust they know what they are doing :blush:


Don’t forget the free 12 months of legal cover valued at £15.

Not sure about the rest of the stuff though…

Did you use a discount or anything to get those prices?

Twice the price on the website :thinking:


I see what you mean, those are the Monzo prices.

Link is here: [removed link]

Not sure if I’m allowed to share that or not but it’s not exactly hard for people to guess lol.

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The prices in the screenshot are in-app, using a Premium account.

Check out the big red boxes at the top of your image - have to factor those free months into any RAC<->Monzo comparison. But it does seem like the Monzo offer is a good one, when you consider the free legals too.


Does this include a free car?


The way I read the blog, it sounded like this was included if you paid £5/month for Plus or £15/month for Premium. Didn’t realise it was a minimum £5 on top of the account fee. Thought it looked like a good deal at first.