📰 Monzo named a “best buy” for current accounts by Ethical Consumer


Not loads on detail, but a positive headline.


This is really good!

By contrast, major high street banks Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest and Santander fared poorly, with none achieving more than five out of 15 in the organisation’s rankings.

Comes at no surprise to be honest. Monzo is one of the best companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a customer of.


Really positive for Monzo and users like us.

By the way seems like Guardian loves Monzo :smile:

Just for a comparison they don’t have anything on Starling but searching Starling Bank brings up an article on Monzo (Starling Bank)

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Makes me feel even more proud of Monzo and their progress to date :fire::heart:️ No looking back now!!:muscle:


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