- paying a Monzo contact

Apologies if this has already been suggested. But I have just sent a payment request to my partner who is also on Monzo. It seems odd that I can’t select them as a Monzo contact and have the request push straight through to their app (i.e. they get a request notification on their phone). Instead I had to use Whatsapp, which seems like a messy way of doing things.

Are there plans for this functionality to be implemented?

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You’ll be pleased to hear there are plans and they’re almost here:

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Thank you. I already know about the bill splitting feature, but what about when I want to request money from a fellow Monzo user that has nothing to do with any transactions on my Monzo card? Perhaps they borrowed £10 cash from me and I want to request that they send it back via Monzo?


I asked pretty much the same thing but never really got a response I don’t think:

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When I want to pay myself via Apple pay from another account, I copy my Monzo me link into my browser and follow the instructions. If I just click the link, it sends me directly to my app (I think this is what your stating is your issue?).

This would work for your friends as well. It’s not ideal, but it is a workaround option.

Thanks @Marky_S - I get that there are workarounds, but it would be nice to just have it implemented in a more straightforward way.

Glad it isn’t just me that wants it. Just seems very odd to send me out of the app to send the link to someone, rather than keeping it contained to the app.

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It’s me again - really hope that this gets sorted soon. It is becoming very boring having to go via Whatsapp all the time for payment requests to my partner (usually for a bill where I haven’t spent using my Monzo card).