Monzo Loans announcement?

I saw that this post was created this afternoon in the Monzo blog but there still hasn’t been an announcement and I can’t find the topic discussing it. Hasn’t one been created? I have questions! :grimacing:

It’s pointing to this thread:

I thought they had already been doing what was described in the post for a few months. Has something changed? Is there a wider roll out now?

Perhaps? That topic was created this afternoon so is the most current :thinking:

Generally in these product updates there is a link to the discussion at the bottom but it just says ‘ERROR EMBEDDING’

Maybe they’re releasing too much at once and getting confused :smiley:

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3.2% APR in that example?

Ive got it this now and the interest rate varies depending on the amount you want. Varying between 18.7% and 20.2% from what I can tell

If you have it already I wonder why there is a recent announcement on it. Perhaps they’re getting ready to roll it out fully? How long have you had the functionality for?

While now, it just appeared one day at random!

Edit; 11th October apparently!



Is this one of Tristan’s cryptic emoji teasers?

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@tristan @cookywook… anyone? Has @monzobot gone rogue? :laughing:

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Don’t summon that thing :see_no_evil:


I don’t care how transparent it is… not lending at that rate!

@monzobot display help.

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Free overseas cash deposits for everybody :smiley::mega::raised_hands:

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