Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Fluid credit card (Newday) have just updated their app for open banking app-app support, hopefully this will be available in monzo soon!

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App to App is available in Monzo as of today, but only on our new Open Banking API which many third parties are not yet using. I posted screenshots in the Open Banking thread.


So it’s case of waiting for them (fluid) to start using at some point?

I think @Davesanchez is referring to viewing Fluid credit card in Monzo app, not the other way round?

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Correct :blush:

From what was mentioned in another thread it seems Monzo are going to continue to use TrueLayer to facilitate connections to other credit cards even when those connections switch to open banking, at least for the time being, e.g.

Therefore you probably need TrueLayer to support Fluid credit card, which it currently does not.


Hey all,

Today we’re switching this feature over to only allow credit card connections supported via Open Banking. As not all the banks we previously supported have provided their APIs yet, you’ll see a shorter list of supported banks in the connection flow.

As of right now, the supported banks are: Barclaycard, Halifax, Lloyds, Nationwide, Natwest, RBS.

Existing connections will keep working until banks switch over to Open Banking only, or enable Strong Customer Authentication on their website. When this happens you card will either disappear, or will show a balance that doesn’t update anymore.

New Open Banking connections are still via Truelayer, so new providers will be added when Truelayer themselves add support.

If your creadit card is provided by one of the supported banks above, please try connecting with the new method and let us know how it goes.

Tell us here if you run into any issues when connecting, or viewing your card balances. More of the connection flow is now dependant on other banks, so results may vary.

Hope this helps! :bowing_man:


I’ve just connected my halifax card. The process went ok, however I now have two cards. [Edit: The app to app flow is :+1: ]

Am on android 2.63 using new nav. I now can’t delete either of these cards.

Also, how come the card number does not show as I’ve seen in other screenshots from other people (admittedly from other banks)

[Edit: Also tried reverting to the old nav and still unable to delete]

Have added my Natwest card back in, and quite happy with how it all worked.

Jumped from Monzo -> Natwest -> Safari with Truelayer -> Monzo… Bit of jumping, but seems to work!

Now it’s updated too, which my other one didn’t as it was using the old method. :frowning_face:

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Amex are killing me here


Barclaycard not working for me, gets through all the login steps and then just fails and says connect again through the third party.

I can’t connect my Lloyds or Halifax… press one of them and get stuck on this screen.

Connected to Lloyds fine however I’m having issues with Barclaycard

Tried with Natwest and I can confirm it all went through fine! It asked me if I want to provide both my current account and credit card, I selected both, but I can only see my credit card in Monzo, I assume as it is just credit cards at the moment?

Strangely I tried it with Nationwide just to test the connection. I don’t have a nationwide credit card, I have the flex account and a saving account there. You can’t share the saving because they haven’t put that on the API yet. I’ve now got a Nationwide card in my Monzo account, but it won’t update (because it’s not a credit card obvs haha)

Was fun though to test the app to app approval flow

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I’ve got all the bugs…

From the accounts overview page, pressing on the ob credit card, crashes the Monzo app (2.63.0)
going to connect another ob credit card and the list has reverted back to the old version as I can see TSB, Santander etc as options.

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I don’t think that’s just you. The list has reverted back for me too now

Also just noticed this too, assume they have reverted back to how it was before for some reason.

I don’t seem to be able to delete my current Barclaycard. The delete button doesn’t do anything on either the old or new nav

I have the same issue with my Barclaycard