Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

No, the use of ‘logon’ data for connections has been removed so banks can mess with that as much as they like.

Any current issues are all around the use of the APIs that the card providers are now starting to release.

Noticed the option to add cards has now been removed - was this supposed to happen?

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Search for Credit Card on the help page and you should still be able to but I also can’t see the option otherwise!

Yep, that works - thanks :slight_smile:

Barclays are a mess at the moment anyway. Only their ping it app supports android 10, and they are giving customers the run around with zero commitment to timelines.

I was hoping to use the integration with Monzo to manage my Barclaycard. Guess I’ll have to revert to web banking for now.

Tandem have just released their open banking API. Would love to see support for Tandem in Monzo.

The Tandem app is getting an update soon supporting Monzo, Starling and Revolut. So would be awesome to have the Tandem cards in Monzo through Open Banking.


It seems that the option to add barclaycard has been removed, I tried to do this the other day and it wasn’t working. Trying it again with the above advice it seem that Bcard is no longer on the list of providers.

They have had a massive overhaul of their own app this week though, I wonder if these two things are related?

Yeah, Barclaycard has ‘gone’ from the list. Could be an Open Banking/Truelayer issue.

My biggest issue is that I currently can’t delete any Connected Credit cards Frustrating, especially as one is a duplication of another!

I guess you use Android? I was able to log into an iOS device, remove my broken connected cards, and log back in from Android!

That might work for you as well!

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Good tip!

I don’t have direct access to a iOS device just yet, but I’ll certainly try this one :+1:

It seems I am invited to reconnect all my credit card connections every single day now… I’ve now given up on this for a while. Hopefully these teething issues are resolved in the next month or two.

Direct the post at me next time xx

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Support will be able to help you with this.

They are aware of the issue and hopefully a fix will be released soon, but until then they can do it for you at their end!

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As long as everyone is compliant with PSD2 (which they’ll have to be!) then there shouldn’t be a problem aggregating any other company.


Android 2.65.0 fixed the issue. I can now delete Connected Credit cards in the app :+1:


Why I can’t add a credit card anymore? Does anyone has the same problem?

Me neither. No selection to connect a credit card available in the app. It’s vanished like an old oak table.

Are you using the new layout? I can’t see it either in the new layout, if you go to the ‘help’ tab and search for credit card the FAQ has a link to add a credit card from there. I guess it’s a bug with the new layout


Well assuming TrueLayer integrate with them :wink:

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:point_up_2: Ooh - double cake day :cake::cake: - on Friday 13th :dagger: