Monzo in St. Vincent πŸ‡»πŸ‡¨

Hi, on my recent travel to St. Vincent I used my Monzo card.
My savy cousin :kissing_heart: figured out a few tricks on her regular visits which helped me out loads so I wanted to share:
I had no problems using an ATM and did not need to turn on magstripe, it’s always best to used ATMs supplied by Bank of St.Vincent & the Grenadines (BOSVG) as others such as First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC) and Scotiabank will charge (approx $5 EC) for withdrawals and checking your balance.
Still only a few ATMs dotted around island and are mainly in the capital Kingstown at the banks and in a few supermarkets. Month end you will probably need to queue.

I used my Monzo card in 2 supermarkets without a problem, CK Greaves and Massy Stores SVG
However it’s always worth checking that the card machine being used for payment is supplied by BOSVG otherwise some supermarkets have card machines supplied by other banks and charge for the transaction. It’s OK to ask the shop assistant you wish to use BOSVG…

Most smaller stores still prefer cash as card machines and payments are still fairly new to them.

Easier money experience, thanks to Monzo