Monzo in Ukraine 🇺🇦 [Discussion]

Yes it works fine

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Although I haven’t been for just over a year, my Monzo worked perfectly well all over the place. The advantage was being able to instantly freeze it when I was pickpocketed. All of my cards and money were taken. Thankfully, they didn’t get my phone and my son & daughter-in-law were able to lend me money whilst I was out there.

Carry your card separately to your phone! Also, don’t take more cash out with you than you need to.

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Yes monzo work well in Ukraine. So well that I never bothered to open a local bank account. Card payment is basically as widespread as in the UK. For withdrawal, most banks take a cut, except Oschadbank, which thankfully is available in most places.

The only friction to report is for sending money to a Monobank pot, a system very popular there. Monzo blocks any transaction without way around.

Before visiting Ukraine did you need to inform Monzo so the card would work there?

You don’t need to.

Hi… I didn’t need to inform them. My card worked just fine everywhere after all my worry :+1:

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Just to say card worked fine on Ukraine
Not one issue!

Today on things that didn’t happen:

Helping Ukraine medics gets your account blocked…. Yeah…. No

Just to clarify for others.

I travelled through Romania, Moldova and Ukraine and Monzo main card and Flex (which I once accidentally selected on Google Pay) worked everywhere without any issue.

Most of the time using tap and pay, no real use for the physical cards, even some Ukrainian ATM’s used NFC (for when I needed cash).

Travelling also outside of major cities in the south without issue.

One of my non-monzo credit cards was not working in Ukraine, but worked fine in Moldova and Romania.