🇪🇸 Monzo in Spain [Discussion]


€1.87 is quite good. I paid £1.99 to withdraw £10 in London!


(Andy Hughes) #103

The two times I’ve been to Spain, I haven’t received the welcome message from Monzo and the after the first time (I’m in Spain currently) I never received a summary at the end of the trip. It’s a bit strange… It all worked in Germany the other day, but not Spain :confused:

(Andy) #104

Arrived in Spain today and received the message as soon as I landed! No issues so far :crossed_fingers:t2:

(Jorge) #105

You also get the welcome home message when you enter Gibraltar :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andy Hughes) #106

Do we know why our cards don’t work with toll roads yet? Is this something Monzo can fix or is likely to fix?


I am traveling to … Any difference in using monzo?


In Spain the shopkeepers try and select sterling.they are so quick . You have to tell them no. … Then select local currency…


Also worth getting a receipt for high payments as its common issue for billing in Sterling even after they have pressed ‘Pay in Euro’ etc


Spain used to be such a nice country … Just seems that they try and take everything from you … If it ain’t the pickpockets in Barcelona and Madrid then it’s them getting commission on the sterling rather than the local currency euros…


If you pay by card at a Spanish train station using their machines it doesn’t ask if its local or sterling … It just automatically goes through as local currency euros … THAT IS THE WAY THAT ALL TRANSFUSIONS SHOULD BE IN SPAIN. No options no shopkeepers trying to make you select sterling