🇳🇴 Monzo in Norway [Discussion]

Yep, agree with identifying contactless transactions, ePOS, etc with different icons or symbols


:facepalm: your vote for that feature is going to be lost in this thread, which is about travelling with Monzo in Norway, see my previous comment.

Already commented in the other thread :blush:

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I’m going to Norway in January for 3 months; I’ve just signed up for Monzo as it sounds like it’ll be useful with no exchange fees. Hoping my card will get here in time though. Thanks for this post :slight_smile:

if you don’t get your card top up invite within 2 weeks from sign up you need to be emailing help@Monzo.com or getting in touch with twitter account @monzo- It is usually about 2 days after paying your initial top up amount that you get your card - it does sometimes slip through the net though - so get in touch if you’re outside these rough timescales

I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Oslo and only used my Monzo card and a bit of cash that I took as a backup and didn’t want to bring home with me.

I used the card for pretty much anything - coffee :coffee:, supermarkets, airport, restaurants shops, even the Reuter app :bullettrain_front: to buy tickets for public transport all worked fine. The Reuter app seemed to take a long time to accept the payment, but that may have been the app. I used both contactless and chip&pin without any problems.

Funnily, my ‘mainstream’ bank card got blocked while I was over there because I tried paying a large amount of money through PayPal (unrelated to me being abroad).
Glad I had my :mondo: to rely on! :tada::tada::tada:


Just adding my two cents to update you all.

Three of us went to Norway this past June. All of us had Monzo. Were there for 10 days on a roadtrip. So we went everywhere from Bergen to the middle of absolutely nowhere! We used Monzo for the whole trip. Not once did weekend to take out cash or need coin.

Absolutely brilliant!


I’ve been back to Norway too - in June, and once again can report good usage of Monzo - and no cash required. :slight_smile:

Just come back from a trip to Norway and used the Monzo card without any problems. They do not use contactless but the chip and pin worked perfectly.

Also, got a good exchange rate!

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Many places use Contactless, but uptake is sluggish as the Visa/Mastercard equivalent charges for contactless.

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When buying Flytoget train tickets, would you have to enable the magswipe feature for Monzo to work if you buy a ticket by swiping at one of the ticket barriers?

I don’t recall doing anything special… Magstripe was read OK and flytoget charged to Monzo OK.
But not sure of there was an android feature to disable / enable magstripe usage in those days.
This is swiping at the flytoget barriers, not ticket purchase.
Oh, the magstripe option in Monzo is specifically magstripe ATMs so I guess magstripe initiated (not magstripe fallback from chip terminal) is ok for POS?

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Sounds like they have ticket machines as well which is a standard chip and PIN terminal then. Thanks for the info (and raising the point that the magstripe switch in app is for ATMs, overlooked that!) :blush:

From my recent trip to Norway, I can confirm that most of the information here is still relevant! Monzo has made the experience pretty painless as I hadn’t the need to touch any physical :moneybag: at all. The card worked everywhere ranging from Flytoget (I bought the ticket via the app in the end) to hostels and bars.

Contactless usage is still fairly uncommon, even though the symbol can be seen on a few POS terminals I came across. Perhaps it only takes local Norwegian card at the moment? Chip and PIN worked perfectly though (and if anything, the trip actually helped me remember what my PIN actually is as I’ve been so used to contactless in the UK! :joy:)!

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Just got back from a long weekend in Oslo and didn’t need to take cash out once. Monzo worked perfectly everywhere (including bars unfortunately, ouch…!).

As above, contactless is still pretty rare (can only recall using it a couple of times) so it’s chip and PIN pretty much exclusively.

Was nice to see the travel reports return to iOS, too!


As a Norwegian citizen with a Monzo card, I just thought I should tell you that Monzo (+ Apple Pay) works flawlessly in Norway, although Apple Pay hasn’t launched in Norway yet. For me as a Norwegian citizen the only downside is to manually have to transfer the money from my Norwegian account to Monzo.

According to the Traveling with Monzo web page, you can use your card abroad for free. The only thing you’ve to pay for is if you plan on using the ATM a lot, but in a place like Norway where cards are accepted close to everywhere, you wouldn’t have to go to the ATM. In fact, as a Norwegian citizen, I haven’t used one in the last five years or so.

With traditional banks this can be quite expensive, but I’ve found a way around it using Revolut. What I do is top up my Revolut account in NOK, exchange NOK to GBP and then make a transfer from Revolut to my Monzo account. The only loss I have to carry now is if the GBP loses value against NOK.

@SoapyDaz @blobcow As you mentioned in your post, there is a lot off stores who has terminals who support contactless payments, but has not activated the feature. However, the amount of stores where you can pay with Apple Pay/a contactless card increases day by day. Most kiosks, restaurants and so accept it these days.

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My experience of Norway so far…

We haven’t been to the big towns (apart from when we flew into Bergen). But even in the very small places, card acceptance is everywhere.

As others have said, the contactless function is often disabled (or isn’t supported by the terminal), but chip and pin is fine.

Came across one place that would only accept Norwegian cards - But managed to get around that by paying the chap through PayPal!

Even the ferry crossings (car ferries), take card.

We didn’t take any cash out with us, and we still don’t have any now! It’s a very cashless society here.

No issues with Monzo, and as 3G is supported almost everywhere, you still get the notifications.

There are no merchant icons in the app - But that’s fair enough!

Lastly… if anyone has the opportunity to come here… it is simply the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been.



Just back from Oslo and I can confirm much of the above is still relevant. No problems using Monzo with chip and PIN, contactless or Apple Pay. Haven’t needed to get cash from an ATM as cards have been accepted wherever I’ve been. Even worked on the British Airways flight offline and notification came through later that day when presumably they processed the transactions.

Edit: I just remembered I did have one transaction that was unusual (for me anyway). It was contactless with PIN requested. It was when paying on a bus with a wireless payment terminal.