🇨🇾 Monzo in Cyprus [Discussion]

(Jonathan Jensen) #1

Anyone used Mondo in Cyprus? Assume there are no problems with ATM and POS use? Asking the question as Cyprus has had a few financial challenges in the past. Thanks.

Monzo in Cyprus - 2

Haven’t tried it yet but it shouldn’t be a problem - there were limits on using ATMs during the banking crisis in 2013 but they were lifted long ago.

(Jonathan Jensen) #3

All worked fine thanks.

(Andrei Constantin ) #4

Used in Cyprus in and out for the past 6 months with no issues whatsoever.

(Chris Lavender) #5

Been in Cyprus for 2 weeks. Accepted in all the shops I’ve tried. Withdrew cash easily from ‘Bank of Cyprus’ branches (just pick the option of “chequing account” at the end).

Be advised, however, the card was not accepted at the cypriot Co Op bank machines. I’m told this is thier issue as they don’t readily accept non-standard debit cards.


that is because they only accept debit cards they do not accept prepaid cards.

(Rob) #7

Went to Cyprus back in May. Didn’t have a problem with any cash machines or in store payments. As always better to opt for local currency and use Monzo / mastercard exchange rate rather than the locally given rate.


I used my card in Cyprus it works great would definitely recommend to all you people traveling abroad


Was in Cyprus all Sept, bought petrol, used ATMs, bought groceries, used cafes, no problems at all

(Anthony Bainbridge ) #10

Has anyone used Monzo in Cyprus? We’re holidaying there in a week or so. I’ll have a backup card but will prefer to flash my Pink Peril.


Just remember to do transactions in the TRNC in Lira and in the Republic in Euro, and decline DCC offers of paying in GBP


Technically there is part of Cyprus not in either TRNC or the Republic, the British Sovereign military base. I assume there payments could be in GBP, but may be in EUR. Anyone with information on this point is welcome to clarify. Thanks.

(Kevin Bennett) #13

Just been to CESSAC for fantastic Fish n Chips and paid with Monzo very simple and great exchange rate

(Simon) #14

Went to Cyrpus at the end of October 2018, no issues with either withdrawing money or paying by card anywhere